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In the real estate battle of technology vs. traditional, there’s no looking back to the old-school way of doing things. Anyone who does so will be stuck with an unsold property or left on the wrong side of a deal (leaving big bucks on the table).

Yet, even with rapid advances in tech, home appraisals haven’t followed suit — although that could be changing very quickly…

Cue the robots

In the U.S., federal regulators have proposed a change that would allow for the majority of home appraisals to be prepared electronically. That would mean cutting the licensed human appraiser out of the picture.

Instead of limiting online home appraisals to values under $250,000, the proposal would increase this amount to $400,000 — which could amount to an additional $68 billion worth of homes to benefit from using the technology side of the coin. …

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Real estate brokers need this new predictive tech tool to deliver the highest returns and combat market competition.

It’s not a surprise — the real estate market is wildly competitive and extremely saturated. Brokers now need to uncover more creative ways to outsell the competition, retain existing clients and gain referrals that will drive their market share ahead of competing firms. Gnowise can be part of your solution…

Finding new technology such as predictive analytics and AI to improve your firm’s market intelligence will keep you the step ahead that you need. Gnowise is a user-friendly predictive analysis software that any broker can use to uncover extremely accurate forecasts about future property prices. The tool analyzes millions of data sets (more than humanly possible) to learn every angle of the market, then discovers crucial patterns and shows you key predictions to make confident real estate decisions. …

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The waves of the Canadian real estate market are unpredictable and ever-changing. To surf and rise above them, brokers and real estate agents need to stay on top of the most current innovations in the market and embrace the most forward-thinking technologies.

Increased Profitability with Predictive Real Estate Analytics and Big Data

Learn how Gnowise Home Valuation Pro Analytics will help through a flexible portfolio that allows for quick movement will become imperative for successful brokers and investors in 2019.



Predictive Real Estate Analytics and AI Valuation

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