Changing the face of energy providers

At GNP Energy, we have one simple mission, which is to make energy provision fairer, more affordable and more friendly. We aim to challenge the monopoly that the large corporations hold over the energy sector by offering low-cost affordable energy with excellent customer care.

Our market defining Advantage Plus Energy package has been designed to give our customers the best possible electricity tariff. With a low monthly fee of DKK 25,- you then pay per kWh for your usage, which we know isn’t groundbreaking or new. What is new, though, is that this kWh tracks the current market value of the electricity you are buying, which means we sell the electricity for the same price we buy it at, meaning you truly pay the best rate possible.

For more certainty, however, there is also the Ide-el package which offers the same low-cost monthly fee with a fixed rate for your kWh usage.

A truly local approach

We’re based in Denmark, but we have offices across the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This means that we are able to listen to and communicate with our customers and respond to your local needs.

Simple, effective switch

As well as our simple and affordable energy pricing, we have also simplified the switch process making it easier for you to join our more than 241,500 happy customers. All you need to do is to log into and choose your country. All you need then is your mobile phone number, CPR number and personal details and, crucially, your meter information.

Challenging the normal

Our mission is to challenge what is ‘normal’ for energy providers by providing a modern, fair and open approach to the pricing of energy for our customers but also providing a better service to our customers by employing a local, friendly and communicative approach. If you would like more information, you can visit the website now and speak to one of our specialists via the live chat.