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My blog review is a commentary blog and review of the fast-moving collision between disruptive technologies and the old-school music business!

S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

What’s the purpose of this blog? To help keep an audience of artists and fans updated on the music industry and how it’s being impacted by disruptive technologies.

How often? I’d like to inform my audience once a week using posts from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn.

How will I know if I’ve accomplished my goal? By looking at the comments and likes to my posts on weekly basis — if there are at least 5 comments/likes/shares/re-tweets, then I’ve reached my target.

Show us the Money YouTube:

Betcha can’t figure out how much YouTube will pay you for your music?!

Dare you try and figure out how you’ll be compensated for your music on Google’s YouTube? You’ll need a law degree and an MBA! So much for Google’s mantra of “Don’t be evil”, or their more politically correct “Do the right thing” — their business practices towards creators of original music, seem to put old-school record companies to shame.

Tap that App (in the Trash):

IMHO this SuperPhone app is a bit misguided — it tries to tier/classify an artist’s fans into paying (Super), versus non-paying (regular) fans. Whatever happened to the idea of marketing to all fans the same way and providing them with a great musical experience whether it be through CD/iTunes sales, streaming, live concerts etc.

Get on SnapChat — All the Cool Kids are Doing It!

Snap Chat is social media’s new holy grail and has been “figured out” by rap music super producer DJ Khaled — who amassed 6 million followers in just 4 short months.
Even he has now idea why teens and millennials are flocking to him in droves on the new SM platform.
A brief glance at his timeline is collection of phrases (some more inspirational than others), his mundane daily activities and interactions with fans.
Think of Snap Chat as a way for artists to raise their profile with young audiences. Follow him on Snap Chat here: djkhaled305 to get an idea of how he’s successfully using the platform.

Stream On!

Is Spotify “Too Big to Fail?”

Since it’s inception 8 years ago (2008), Spotify claims that it’s paid $3 billion in royalties to artists and record companies. Given that traditional music revenues have dropped off a cliff in recent years (think CDs, iTunes) — it may be true that the music business can’t afford for Spotify and other streaming service providers to fail.

An Example of a Spotify Playlist

With fans picking and streaming their own music to their smartphones, tablets, home computers and entertainment systems, it behooves artists to join in and put their music libraries on Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tidal. It doesn’t matter which on — just choose and watch the $$$ roll in. If it’s good enough for the Beatles — then it’s probably good enough for your fledgling band!