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So if you get a question closed as duplicate, that means multiple people have decided that it’s a duplicate and have to point to the question they believe it duplicates.

One little point about duplicate closure:

If there’s a gold badge user for a particular tag applied at the question, they are allowed to close a question single handedly as a duplicate (because they’re trusted by the community to know well what they are doing).

I’ve got a gold badge for c++ tagged questions, and use that a lot.
That takes quite of responsibility, but there’s also the mechanism that if 5 people (or another tag gold badge user) agree that I was wrong, they can reopen the question. Especially if the OP took the chance to edit their original question, and elaborates why the duplicate answers won’t actually solve their problem.

The most confusion with duplicates that new users have, is that the duplicate question doesn’t exactly state what they’ve been asking, but the answers there will solve their problem from a generic POV.
For most beginners in a programming language, it’s hard to follow that abstraction and extrapolation.

Though it doesn’t make sense to leave their qustions there spilling the repository with the same stuff being asked and answered over and over.