My Sister Is My Hero

Christine May Go
Jun 26, 2019 · 3 min read

Jenny cried all night. She could not get over the fact that her mother and father died in a car crash. She was left with her 10- year-old sister Mara and her 6-year-old brother Danny. What would a 16-year-old do to feed her siblings? She did not know if she has relatives. She did not know how to tell Mara and Danny that they were orphans. She took her siblings to church. She explained to Mara what happened to their parents. She cried loudly. Danny could not understand what she was saying but he started crying too. It was a lonely day but Jenny did not want a lonely life for her brother and sister. She sold most of their home appliances and she got enough money to run a small business. She stopped going to school to take care of her siblings. She started selling street foods and sold fish ball, squid ball and Kikiam near their house. The business was enough to support their food every day. But she wanted her sister to continue studying. She started working as a waiter at the bar. In the morning she was selling street foods and in the evening she was working as a waiter. Jenny worked hard every day as the breadwinner of the family. Mara was in charge of taking care of Danny. She always takes Danny in school and her teachers understand her. One night, Danny had a high fever. They took him in the hospital and he was diagnosed with leukemia. Jenny cannot believe what the doctors said and she cannot let her brother die. She blamed God with everything and wanted to breakdown. She didn’t want her siblings to see her weak side. She needed a huge amount of money to support her brother’s chemotherapy. A day before her 18th birthday, she asked the bar’s manager to promote her at work. “I need more money and being a waitress will not give that to me. I want to be a call girl.”Jenny said. Since Jenny was a virgin, she knew she could earn more. Jenny’s first customer was Bryan. He was a US Marine and in mid-twenties. Jenny felt infatuated when they first met because Bryan is very good-looking. Bryan took Jenny for a long drive. When Jenny arrived at his condo, she felt so nervous. Jenny said she was a virgin and Bryan was surprised. They did not do anything but talk about each other’s life stories. Jenny learned that Bryan was heartbroken when his girl left him for another man. Bryan was touched by Jenny’s story. He wanted to help. He introduced Jenny to his mother who owns a model agency and she thought Jenny was beautiful. Bryan’s mother persuaded Jenny to try modeling. With Jenny’s beautiful face and petite body, she made it to the runway. She became a successful model and this covered all the expenses in Danny’s chemotherapy. When Jenny and Bryan got married, they all migrated to the US with Mara and Danny. Five years later, Danny is cancer-free and Jenny is happily married to Bryan with 1 son.

Christine May Go

Written by

I am an aspiring writer who wants to enhance my skill and potential.

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