“And BAM! You’re Famous Right?”

So you have this awesome store with popular products and you are ready to get your business known around the globe. Great! You post a few pictures on Instagram, maybe you share an article or two on your Facebook page, and BAM! You’re famous, right?


Building a real social presence is strongly contingent on consistency. For this article, we will be referring to consistency with timing rather than consistency with content. We will touch on consistent content in a later blog.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weekends ago and I saw an ad for some new summer camping gear that looked awesome! So I searched Facebook for one of my favorite local stores to see if they had anything going on. I was hoping they had that new tent I had my eye on, or maybe they were having a clearance sale to clear out some winter gear. Unfortunately, they hadn’t posted in a few weeks so I had no idea what was going on at the store. If they were just down the street, I would have no problem just popping in, but they are about 15 minutes away. That’s pretty far to travel without knowing if they even have what I want. I ended up not going to the store that day.

A few days later, I heard they did indeed have a sale that weekend and I was bummed that I missed it. Had they been regularly updating their Facebook page, I would have known about the sale and they would have earned my business that day.

Daily Checklist for Social Media Posting | 253 Media

Posting consistently can be tough though. People ask me all the time, “I don’t have anything going on today, why should I post?”

Posting the day-to-day stuff keeps people connected and it keeps you in your customers’ minds. This way, when somebody needs something that you sell, you will be the first store or brand that comes to mind. Also, posting regularly keeps you at the top of your followers news feed. The last thing to consider when thinking about posting the “boring day-to-day” content is the personality of your business.

Let’s look at the Instagram feed for a realtor as a good example.

Realtors find houses, show houses, and sell houses. We all know that! But what their clients don’t always see is the massive amount of behind the scenes work to make that sale possible. From phone calls, to scheduling, to piles of paperwork… Realtors do a lot more than just sell you on your dream home.

Showing your followers all of the work you do on the back end is crucial to adding that extra value. It shows your clients how hard you actually work for them and it shows them that your service is worth the price. And like I explained in my last article, adding value is exactly what social media is for.

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