Faast Location Restrictions

Crypto Regulations can be challenging to interpret.

Due to a changing regulatory climate, Faast has implemented a number of restrictions in an attempt to adhere to statements by various regulators in different countries and states.

I see a message that I am blocked, why?

If you are seeing a message on Faast that access is blocked, this is because you are accessing the service from a location that is on our blocked list (see eligibility). 

If you are seeing this message, and you think it is an error, please verify:

  1. That you are not in a restricted location. If you are in a restricted location, you are not permitted to use some, or all faa.st services.
  2. If you are on a mobile device, you may have an IP address different from your current location. To ensure accurate region detection, you may want to use a private VPN configured to your home location.
  3. If you are behind a corporate network, try to disconnect and ensure you access the internet from your local internet provider.

Why are certain tokens not available in my Location?

You may notice that certain tokens are not available in your location. This is due to recent statements by the SEC that certain tokens may be securities. 

  • It remains challenging to understand what tokens specifically are securities.
  • Faast makes best efforts to ensure that tokens that may be classified as securities are not available to residents of the US. 
  • To do this, we use the open source list from tokenCuration here
  • If you have any questions about why a specific token is not available in your location, feel free to contact support@faa.st


This post was last updated Nov 29th 2018, and is subject to change as additional guidance is available.