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« Hey Buddy ! Where Have You Been ?? » [My Motto @FFDay]

I had the chance to attend Tuesday afternoon at the famous FFDay organized by France Digitale.

This event I’ve been attending since its beginning is THE salad bowl where entrepreneurs, start-ups, VCs, Corporates, fund raisers and the entire ecosystem turn around the sun of the European Tech gathered by Rachel Delacour & J-David CHAMBOREDON and the FD teams.

Every year I am more and more impressed by the quality of the program, the level of speakers and the original formats the organization experiments.

As CEO of fast growing fintech, this event is a unique occasion to meet peers, entrepreneurs and key influencer, all gathered in the same place. I’ve then kissed “professional friends” (The ones you see twice a year but kissing them make you feel more important than you really are), shaken hands (more classical), smiled (a lot) and repeated hundred times the same messages about our business, like a parrot lost in translation ;-).

And amazingly, the most frequent comment given to me was :

« Hey Buddy, where have you been ? »… WTF ??

[If I may, let me give you a little bit of context : I started thinking to raise my Serie A a year ago (here), and met the entire VC/Fund raising market end 2017 beginning 2018. I recently committed a piece of text about entrepreneurial types (there) and that the ecosystem doesn’t like too much entrepreneurs who shine too strong — End of the digression]

Really, I had no individual answer to this question but this post is a unique occasion to answer it.

[I measure how much “non self confident” this post can be considered. Never mind. No dogma is the rule. I have been once too much self confident and it almost killed my business and scepticisme has saved me several times !]

« Where have I been during the last 9 months ? Hell guy(girls works as well), focusing on my team, my business, delivering performance instead of communication messages, tangible KPI instead of glorification pitch ».

Simply been down to earth.

Any other question ?

And I mean that my extraordinary team had a busy spring and summer to :

  • Enhance the service, A/B test it, reshape. reformat it, all the time and still doing it
  • Growing a tech team for 3 to 12, in the most difficult stack ever : Python/React
  • Hiring warriors senior managers, especially in the digital marketing
  • A/B test the best human organization until you reach the maximum fluidity in execution
  • Achieve R&D program and deliver full AI (rather than algos)
  • Reshape all front and UX, and being able to track all customer behavior
  • Connect and develop middle office services, CRM, ERP…
  • Structure the sales process and how to scale
  • Empty the backlog for both front and back end

Our starting numbers, hopefully just a beginning (I know we all prefer proofs rather than prays) :

  • 300k lines of code and a strong deep tech now extended to AI schools labs
  • 138 millions of analyzed savings scenarios
  • 67 millions euros of product recommendations delivered
  • 500k scenario per prospect/customer
  • 10m euros in the sales pipe all the time, half digital, half direct
  • Conversion growth rate of 100 % MoM

Matt, our CSO and co-founder, is now one of the French specialist of behavioral finance and AI in Finance. A good reason to make him shine (And he is f*cking good at it). Fred (PO), Nad (VP Engineer), and Leni (CTO), are now the most powerful technical leading task force I have ever seen in my life. With Anne-So (CMO), they are the Power Rangers of the team.

In one word we are starting to scale…

Obviously, having installed our headquarters in Bordeaux, provides us the image of a surfers band, more interested in the size of waves than in handling the backlog (Jacques Froissant, help !!). I can reassure you all : none (really none) of our dev team members has taken holidays this summer to deliver (their own decision)…

Just for the anecdote, the funniest comment I heard Tuesday was about Corsica, where part of my family lives, where the guy thought I was spending all my time : Are you really serious collecting « informations » about entrepreneurs on Facebook ;-) ?? (If you want to have a look, its here ;-))

Let’s make it clear : Installing my team in Bordeaux in 2016 is the best business decision I’ve ever made. The ecosystem there welcomed us warmly, we got strong support from local institutions and entrepreneur networks. The team is stable, their personal environment is ideal, our recruitments are easiest. It’s playing by the rules to thank and recognize the strong value Bordeaux and its ecosystem has brought us (BxFrench Tech, Unitec, BPI, Bordeaux Entrepreneurs, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine). No confusion : our head office in Paris, where I spend half of my weeks with 3 other co-founders is where “it” happens in the AI & Fintech industry. Nevertheless, giving back the local ecosystem is a duty.

That’s really where I have been; that’s where all the team has been during the last 9 months : digging in the mine to extract the best part of the ore and deliver it. For the customers. Right in time.

The v1.1 of our digital savings products marketplace is out, and still improving in the next few weeks.

Here : www.mieuxplacer.com.


By the team, from Bordeaux, Corsica, and Paris, with love ;-).

Guillaume-Olivier Doré

Written by

#Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO at mieuxplacer.com #BA in #FinTech. ex Founder of a VC & several other digital ventures with great entrepreneurs

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