Why I am raising my series A right now

Thanks Mike Horn for the quote

Starting to raise money is no easy decision. It requires thorough business introspection, consumes time and focus (yours and your team’s) for several weeks, at least a few months…

Ticking the boxes ?

Timing is key when you grow a business, and you must trust your instinct. My instinct tells me it is the right time to do it.

Not only because the start delivers good KPI.
Not only because the « trend » is good.

Not because we are ticking the right boxes.

More probably because I’m on duty — on duty to secure your first Business Angels investment, on duty to support the team that delivers more than you reasonably expected…

More certainly on duty because our customers are expecting more of you than you did yourself ! That’s exactly the moment you need to speed up and break the rules.

An outstanding performance

When I started « mieuxplacer.com » a year ago, I brought together a strong multicultural, cross-generations team. We were on a mission — to reduce the gap between poor saving offering and the easiness and transparency customers expect.

We decided to target September 28th to release our first beta. Less than a year to build a B2C saving platform that is fully compliant and fully digital… Mission: impossible ! And why September 28th? Because it was the date of the French Savings B2B exhibition and none of our future partners was expecting us to be ready so soon…

To achieve this amazing performance, I convinced early adopters to provide us with their products, BAs to fuel the company with cash, BPI to support our R&D… And grew a team capable of building something new and solid in less than the initially announced 24 months!

And we did it in less than a year. We released our B2B beta during the exhibition, and the B2C platform only one week later in October.

Serve the customer expectations first

And the KPI grew up steadily to reach a thousand potential customers in a few days. Not only were they interested in the digital subscription and recommendation, but also in the vision I shared: « the Amazon of savings », supported by ultra personalization tools.

Our customers are our compass and we build technology to serve them. The first interactions we had with them were clear: they wanted more services, more products, more personalization.

We then reviewed our backlog, facing the fact that this would require more fuel to serve their expectations and our visions.

Growing such a business is a matter of vision, but also of anticipation. Our service meets the customers’ expectations, so it is time to accelerate again.

Serving a shared vision with your customers: that’s why I’m raising my series A now…

Guillaume-Olivier Doré

Written by

#Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO at mieuxplacer.com #BA in #FinTech. ex Founder of a VC & several other digital ventures with great entrepreneurs

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