abode April Updates

2 min readApr 5, 2018


Hello abode family,

In time for Spring, we have prepared an update for the abode system that we would like to share with you today. With the launch of the newest update to the abode system, users will be able to:

- Enable Two-Factor Authentication for your abode account via Google Authenticator.

- Add ALL abode devices currently sold on goabode.com directly to your abode system via the abode Mobile App.

- Add compatible 3rd party devices to their abode system via the Mobile App.

- Perform Z-Wave Exclusions via the abode Mobile App.

Two-Factor Authentication

To provide our users with another layer of security for their abode home, we’ve added two-factor authentication functionality using Google Authenticator. Each abode user will need to enable two-factor authentication via the abode web app.

Once enabled, any login to your abode account from an unrecognized device will require a Google Authenticator code to grant access.

To learn how to enable two-factor authentication for your abode account, please visit our support site article: How to enable two-factor authentication for my abode account.

Adding two-factor authentication to your abode account

Adding devices to your abode system:

Users have always had the ability to enroll select abode devices (door window sensors, motion camera, wide angle motion camera, streaming camera and indoor motion sensor) to their abode system using their abode Mobile App however, prior to this release, other abode sensors and 3rd party devices (locks, cameras, power control, environmental sensors, etc.) could only be added via the abode Web App.

Starting today, abode users now have the ability to enroll all abode devices currently sold on the abode store (store.goabode.com) as well as enroll compatible 3rd party devices using their abode Mobile App. Additionally, users can now use their abode Mobile App to perform Z-Wave exclusions.

Users can still use the Web App to add and remove devices to their abode system as they have since the launch of the system however, we felt it was important to introduce the same level of flexibility into the Mobile App to make it easier than ever to add additional devices to your abode system.

Add abode devices and compatible 3rd party devices right from the abode Mobile App

We hope our users enjoy these new abode system features. We will continue announcing additional updates and feature releases and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for being an abode customer!

- The abode team




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