Firmware Updates

We will be releasing firmware updates for your abode system later today. This includes updates to your abode Gateway and abode IP cameras.

As with previous updates, we do not push the updates to your system. We make them available and you decide when it is convenient to install. After the updates are released, you will begin receiving a pop-up in your abode web app and mobile app. You can chose to install the update immediately or decide to install later. If you decide to install later, you will be prompted to update each time you log into the abode Web app or anytime you open the abode Mobile App.

Please note, some users who have worked with support in the past couple of weeks may already have the latest version. If you do not receive a pop-up, this means your system is already up-to-date with the latest firmware.

Here is an overview of the improvements it the firmware update:

Gateway Firmware Updates:

Z-Wave Synchronization

Fixes issues where Z-Wave devices would get out of sync with their actual state.

Cellular Backup Enhancements

Reduces the time it takes the abode gateway to switch to cellular network in the event of an Internet outage for abode Connect and Secure subscribers.

Battery Backup Optimization

When power is lost and the abode Gateway switches to battery backup, we’ve made improvements that allow the system to function normally for a period of time. As battery continues to drain, only security events will pushed across the cellular network. These changes provide a better experience and allow for longer backup battery life.

Timeline Event Enhancements

All timeline events will now include additional information informing you who and how the event was triggered to better understand what is happening in your home.

IP Camera Firmware Updates:

Camera Freeze Bug Fix

This firmware update fixes a bug that could cause the abode IP camera to freeze and go offline until they were power cycled.