Mobile App Updates

Keeping to our strategy to continuously release updates to the abode software, today we released new mobile applications on the Android and Apple App stores.

This release adds the following functionality.

  • Geolocation Updates — we’ve continued to refine our geolocation functionality to improve consistency and reduce the false triggers that hampered our previous versions. This update also includes changes that allow geofence events to be triggered on Android when the app is terminated on your phone.
  • New Dimmer Controls — the past few web app updates included support for dimmer switches and lights. This mobile app release supports dimmer controls. To access the dimmer control, turn on the device and then use the slider control to manipulate your light.
  • Interactive Push Notifications — to enable users to quickly make a decision on their abode alarms without the need for visual verification, we’ve implemented interactive push notifications that allow you to Call Police, Verify Alarm, or Disable the alarm by swiping on the notification.
  • New Notification Sound for abode Alarms — we received a lot of feedback that users wanted to be able to distinguish an abode alarm notification from the other notifications. This release includes a notification sound for abode alarms.
  • Temporarily Enable and Disable Automations— we changed the Quick Actions tab to Actions, which now includes Quick Actions and Automations. In the Automations section, you can Enable and Disable Status and Schedule Automations.

Up Next…..

  • Lock Screen / Touch ID for Android — we implemented a lock screen in IOS that utilized TouchID to provide an additional layer of security when trying to access the abode app on your mobile device. With Android now supporting this technology, we will add this functionality to the Android App.
  • Deep-linking for Nest Animated GIFs — this will allow users to click on an Animated GIF in the abode Timeline and open the full video in their Nest App.
  • Nest Alarms Support — to enable Nest devices to trigger abode alarms, we will implement support for Nest Alarms in the abode applications.
  • Temporarily Enable and Disable Location Automations