What’s in Your abode Starter Kit? The Future.

While we can’t tell you exactly how the future will look, we can tell you how your abode starter kit will improve it. Not only do abode homes offer a simpler, automated home life, but they also bring you a little bit closer to a future that frees you to set it and forget it. So, once you’ve selected the abode bundle that’s right for you, an abode starter kit will be headed your way.

Here’s what it will include:

  • abode Gateway: Connecting and protecting your entire home, the gateway hub plugs into your router and can control a variety of smart devices. It has a built-in 93db siren, battery backup, and cellular backup in case you lose WiFi connectivity. The abode gateway also features device support for ZigBee, Z-Wave and abodeRF. Plus, its sleek the gateway can connect and work with numerous smart home brands including Nest, Ecobee, Philips Hue and more.
  • Mini Door/Window Sensor: It’s easily installed and detects whether a door or window opens or closes. The sensor communicates with the gateway and can trigger the alarm to activate. If you’re interested, you can get a notification on your phone when activity is detected. These sensors work on abodeRF, which is very long range so you don’t need to worry about losing connectivity, even if they are located on the other side of the house. Plus, the battery life expectancy is 4 years.
  • Indoor Motion Sensor: The indoor motion sensor installs with adhesive tape and can be put in a corner or flat on your wall. DIY home automation sounds pretty doable now, huh? When your abode security system activates, this motion sensor detects motion in most rooms up to 39 feet away with a 110-degree field of view. Download the abode mobile app and you’ll get an alert straight to your phone.
  • Remote Key Fob: Your abode starter kit comes with a sleek remote key fob that can easily disarm/arm your security system. It also works well when your hands are full carrying in groceries or your phone is buried in your bag.
  • iOS and Android App Access: The free abode mobile app is available on both iOS and Android and gives you all kinds of capabilities. You can get notifications on your home’s activity, arm/disarm the system, and find peace of mind in not having to worry about your home’s security.
  • Web Access: All major web browsers are compatible with abode. You can customize your notifications, system settings, home automations and more.
  • Compatibility: Have we mentioned that abode is compatible with a variety of existing smart products? Several familiar brands work with abode, including Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

Excited to get your abode starter kit? You should be. You’ll turn your house into an abode smart home and get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. All you have to do is take advantage of our sale and fast, free shipping to propel your home into the future!


We can’t tell you which team to bet on, but we can tell you that an abode home security system blasts your home into the future. Check out our latest blog post for a glimpse into what could be in store for you.


Getting started is easy! The abode starter kit makes it simple to transform your present day house into a futuristic smart home. Find out what you’re getting when you choose an abode home security system.