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Hi my name is Larry Steinhouse with Mall Stars Video Productions Studios.

My business is a combination of on-line marketing and brick and mortar.

Some of you may relate to the day to day tasks of owning a business like this.
One day, I escaped my business and attended a seminar. While there, this guy said..

During that seminar, Daven suggested all the audience participants make a list of the things keeping them from doing what was important, like acquiring new business.

Well I made my list. It included things like Facebook Fan page maintenance, LinkedIn and twitter posts. I also added things like e-mail marketing and campaigns. Article writing and so many more things I keep doing that I really shouldn’t.

Daven surly convinced that I need to outsource this!

But now I had to deal with my own inhibitions of outsourcing. First of all, I am here in the Philadelphia area and well the Philippines, even though it sounds alike, is all the way.. Well somewhere here!

Many questions came to my mind like.
What if there is language barrier?
Can I trust someone so far away?
Can they really do the tasks I need?

And of course can I trust that they will actually be working when they say they are?

I nervously called 123 Employee, and found that they actually have an interview process. You can interview candidates to make sure you have a good communication and trust level.

.ok you obviously know this is a testimonial and a success story, so here is the bottom line.

I am so amazed at the professionalism of 123employee but even more important, Cassie ias my Virtual Assistant, is wonderful!

She really takes on the tasks with full responsibility. She even makes suggestions and researches ideas that will bring me business or traffic to my website. The only thing she can’t do, is bring me coffee!

Our Mall Stars Video Production Studios is a concept that we expect to go national, and frankly I believe that with Cassie as my Virtual Assistant and Daven’s company 123employee, my chances of making that happen will greatly increase!

Oh and if you have any questions or want to speak to me about this reference, I will be glad to tell you about my experience. Just contact with the information on the mall stars website and Cassie… I mean, I will get back to you!

Thanks Daven, Thanks Cassie!

CLICK HERE ►►https://123employee.isrefer.com/go/123HP/a9005/

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