Find out why Hawaii GoArmyHomes are perfect for military?

Everyone means absolutely everyone respects military people and find out ways and chances to thank them whenever we can. They are our real heroes, who stay away from their families so that we can stay with our family. Hawaii GoArmyHomes are proud to serve you. We want you to perform your duty without fearing for you families, thus, we are here with homes exclusively for military men.

Below mentioned are few options that will help you keep in touch with your family as well as perform your duty towards nation:

  • Fort Shafter Army Real Estate: Fort Shafter was established by an army in early years of 19th century and the oldest military base. It is named after Major General William Rufus Shafter who led the United States expedition to Cuba. Neighboring communities to Schofield Barracks-Fort Shafter Army Real Estate are Wahiawa, Mililani, and Pearl City.

Wahiawa: This residential area offers a variety of apartments, condominiums, houses and townhomes averaging around $515,000. The community in the Wahiawa area is a blend of military personnel, a local family, and single households.

  • Mililani (Mililani Town, and Mililani Mauka): The Mililani community is a comfortable blend of urban and suburban lifestyle. Median home values in this neighborhood fall just shy of $517,000, and offers the Mililani Golf Club, Mililani Dog Park, and The Mililani Shopping Center, Mililani Consolidated Theatre, and is home to local families and enlisted service members.
  • Pearl City: Its urban atmosphere provides a variety of housing opportunities including apartments, townhomes and houses in traditional suburban settings with affordable homes ranging in the early $600,000’s. The community is long established as a comfortable home to families, service members, retirees, and working professionals.
  • Housing near Schofield Barracks, Hawaii: Schofield Barracks is named after Lieutenant General John McAllister Schofield, a Commanding General who recommended the establishment of a naval base at Pearl Harbor. Schofield Barracks continues to be the largest Army post in Hawaii and is located centrally at the foot of the Waianae mountain range. Housing near Schofield Barracks, Hawaii includes:
  • Houses on Rose street, Wahiawa
  • Houses on Kilani Avenue
  • Houses on Eames street


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