3 Billion Lessons & Counting..

President Elect Donald Trump. A title that is bittersweet to people all around the world. This is because of how people perceive him, their experiences with him or due to fear of the unknown. A businessman who has never held a political office is about to become president of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump has been known to cause great controversy by his past insults to women, immigrants and African-Americans to name a few. His public behavior has been criticized because he just seems to say and do whatever he feels even if no one likes it. Yet, there are many who still support him becoming president. Whether it is for religious and political reasons or because they just happen to like him.

Although, negativity surrounds the name of Donald Trump. Its believed there are positive lessons we can learn from him that will help make his transition into office better. Here are three lessons we can learn from the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump:

Always Believe in yourself

Mr. Trump campaigned despite what others said about him. Many people did not believe in him as a person neither his capability to run for office. He traveled throughout the United States giving speeches in the face of adversity. We are sure there are many places that he went where he was openly insulted and hated, but he still did not drop out of the race. He was persistent and endured up until his victory. Which seemed unbelievable to many, but he believed he could win.

Never Allow People to Place Limits On You

There are a lot of people who said that a businessman cannot be a president. These people wanted Mr. Trump to remain the billionaire and to run his own business, not a country. However, Donald Trump knew himself and what he was capable of. His whole campaign proved it. He did not allow the limited thinking of people to keep him from his aspirations.

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Dictate Your Future

The media always brought up Mr. Trump’s past. Each time he seemed to gain the favor of voters, another story from years ago would surface. Leaving him to be condemned by many and not given the opportunity to do better. Each story that was mentioned about his past was designed to ruin his reputation or to keep people from voting for him. He still was elected to become president through it all. Everybody has a past because we are all human beings. It should never keep us from being successful in life.

When we can apply these lessons to our lives, we can fulfill our purpose on the earth. Each lesson will enable us to focus on serving others with every opportunity just like president elect Donald Trump.

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