8 Tips to Improve Client Relationships

1. Auto response vs Human response

The response times for any business model is exactly what differentiates a company from a repeat customer or a one time customer.

2. Follow up

Learning to follow up on enquiries to your business improves communication and shows you care about what the customer thinks even if they do not intend to pursue business with you

3. The 24 hour response rule

For every email/DM or phone call received from a potential customer or precious customer, seek to respond within 24 hours, as this shows that you have the client at the forefront of your list of priorities.

4. Social media interaction and offline connectivity

This improves confidence in your business and this should improve communication with your customers and this improves the relationships

5. Personality fuelled business vs automated business

Most clients enjoy business relationships with a personal touch. If it’s automated it most likely will make money but not necessarily build the relationship with your client I.e automated email responses, no form of contact for your business (just FAQ or a support forum).

6. Rewards

Rewards help with building customer relationships, following the 80–20 rule. Give your customers 80% and hope they invest 20% back into your business. This is where your passion shines through, and the customer gets to know you’re in it for the love of it and they are not just numbers to you.

7. Confidentiality

Totally depending on the nature of your business, confidentiality is key. Client relationships blossom where there is trust and most importantly where it’s known that what is shared with you remains confidential, except it’s agreed that you can share.

8. Feedback/surveys

Communication with the Client greatly improves when it’s known that you are a company or business that listens. Not only listens but is physically involved in providing steps to show how the feedback is being implemented.

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