My kind of Valentine…

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This is the day when many go out and buy a box of delicious chocolates. They have romantic dinners, send beautiful flowers or ask their special someone to marry them; you know the list could go on. So many people are making plans to display their love and passion for another.

However, there are those who do not look forward to this day for a lot of reasons. One of them is because of the strong emphasizing on love just being between couples. Love, a powerful word, but it has so many meanings. Let’s talk about it.

Did you know that there are different types of love? Agape is one, you can look up the rest.

Since there are several types of love, this means that on Valentine’s Day everyone can participate.

Just because you are single does not mean it is not a day for you.

Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone to show love, just like the other three hundred and sixty five days out of the year. There are many orphanages, widows, homeless people and charities that want to see love put in action. Married people get to love on each other every day, single people get to put their passion and love into their purpose. What if on Valentine’s Day we did things differently?

Donate to a charity and give the homeless a meal. There are so many ways to show love to people because love is not limited to just couples. Love is for everybody.

“For God So Loved the world”. –John 3:16

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