$GOAT Cash — Gestation / Staking your $GOAT

It seems like every day something new $GOAT like comes out, and that's because it pretty much does. We're a herd of wildly productive goats, producing things like no other blockchain company to date.

We like to try and look at the community and what they are doing and ask the herd; what can we do to make this better?

With that, we wanted to make the most of the goat gestation period.

Why should you want to hodl your $GOAT bags?

We looked at the gestation period of our fearless leaders and it's 150 days, which seems a little long to make you guys hodl your $GOAT to earn back. So we adopted a Turbo Gestation approach. That's right…

If you hodl your $GOAT for 30days from 25th month 1, until 25th month 2, you will get 1% of your $GOAT balance airdropped to you.

You read that right!!

Starting in September, for all those hodling $GOAT for over 30 days will be receiving a 1% drop each month to your address currently hodling $GOAT.

If you receive $GOAT to your address on the 15th of the month, you will have to wait the full 30 days, plus the rest of the month you're in. For example, if I get $GOAT on 15th of Sept, I won't have been hodling for a full 30 days when it comes to the 25th Sept Turbo Gestation, so you'll have to wait until the following month.

We're really looking forward to rewarding those hodling $GOAT and helping us take goats to the moon. We have so many more things lined up, just stay tuned for everything that is on it's way….

Love, the Goat Master x