Goat Cash & Heifer International — Goat to be great!

courtesy of Heifer International

It's not a secret that the mission of Goat Cash is to flip this crypto industry around and do things differently. It's also no secret that core is around giving and making the world a better place.

What has been a bit more of a secret though, is the partnership we have been working on for some time now. Since it's the New Year, we thought we should let the cat out the bag officially and inform you all of the great news;

Goat Cash is OFFICIALLY a Corporate Partner of Heifer International!

This is beyond amazing and I'll tell you why; the work that Heifer International do globally is astounding. Their projects help build and support communities around the world and the impact is HUGE!

As a part of that they donate goats, the real ones, not Goat Cash, to those in need. If you've read about us before you'll know that the goat is the most useful animal to a family, with it providing a high protein source with the milk as well as being able to survive on anything they can scavenge. This, as well as a multitude of other reasons, make the goat a great animal for families in countries where they have nothing.

We search far and wide to find an NGO/ Charity who really understood our mission and were aligned with the Goat Cash mission. With Heifer International we found that. After many chats, which I have to say was rather funny at first, describing the likes of AGI and all things Goat Cash to the Executives and VPs of Heifer; We finally put pen to paper and got everything in place to be able to donate our Monthly IRL (in real life, for all you non g33ks) Goat Drops. This now means we can donate monthly to Heifer in Goat Cash, which will be used for goat projects around the world and the impact of Goat Cash can TRULY begin.

We want to thank Heifer for all their work on this, and we cannot wait to really start giving back and seeing the impact of our work on the world.

Next up, the release of our Goat Clash dApp… stay tuned, we're beyond excited and it's all so near!

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