Goats Coin: A DeFi Revolution in Gaming

Upcoming Launch

Goats Coin Giveaway

  • Change your profile image to a Goats Coin image on Telegram
  • Follow GoatsCoin on Twitter and tweet about GoatsCoin to two well-known, crypto influencers & two of your friends on twitter. (Use #GOATSCOIN as a hashtag in your tweet)
  • Post a screenshot of the previous tasks and send it to @GoatsCoinContests via Telegram. Make sure your twitter handle is included.

Community Roadmap

Official Goats Coin Roadmap. All Rights Reserved.

Why Choose Goats Coin?

Investor Engagement

$GOATS Tokenomics

  • Supplying Liquidity: 3%
  • Project Development/Marketing: 7%
  • Liquidity-Pool Locking Period: 2 Years
  • NFT-based emissions as BNB (BEP-20)
  • Team is fully DOXXED with Weekly Telegram AMA Sessions



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