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“I’ve always thought there are a number of things that you have achieved at the end of a project. There’s the object, the actual product itself, and then there’s all that you learned. What you learned is as tangible as the product itself, but much more valuable because that’s your future.”

— Jony Ive, speaking in Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli

However, human beings tend to forget. I had been designing and designing without really capturing what is going on. I started to feel that I’m repeating the same mistakes all over again. It was straight…

I became a designer straight ahead after my design studies in Sweden. I was working on concepts, products or new business development most of the time. I did one job switch and this is an honest reflection about the biggest fuckup I have made during the first full-time year in business.

One year ago, I studied the last course of my Interaction design studies in Sweden. I knew that in few weeks I am going to move to full practice but I did not know what exactly I am heading to. I do not know this even now. …

A panda at Dropbox

Ten days seem to be enough for a discovery visit but not for a huge place as the San Francisco Bay Area. This was the very first iteration and we love to iterate in 2FRESH. I have pointed out 8 of my discoveries that I would like to share with you.

Architecture, sea view and everyday way to freedom from the University Library in Split, Croatia

Things come and go. You never know what and when will pop up. Be ready to challenge yourself and find a way how to adapt.

I try to keep this approach in my mind when something pops up out of nothing as teaching at the European Summer School in Split. I do not remember where I found the mention about a Development of Mobile Concepts and User Interfaces course. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I replied to the open call and things happened.

Wanted to capture waves at Pacifica — Photo credit: Lukas Pitter

I thought that this could be a nice list of empty clichés that says nothing without context but people accidentally love to read these sentences. Perhaps, it is because we can connect them to our own moments and reflect. I wrote these words on the way to Split in Croatia, where I am going to get a two weeks course about digital products. This opportunity is a gift because I can do a job I love, explore new places and be independent at the same time.

  1. Money has no value if you do not have time to enjoy them.
  2. You…

Exploring the first phase of a design process

The Czech design education is different in compare with the approach in Sweden. I would compare the K3 approach to the approach that T. and D. Kelley speak about in the book Creative confidence. Czech design students have to fulfil given briefs alone and mainly with a pre-defined outcome.

Create a poster for a certain event….

This approach does not train creative thinkers and makers but stereotypical problem solvers.

The official description defines #bydesignconf as “a conference, where world’s most successful designers share their personal experience and pragmatic insights on how to put theory into action.” I perceive the the third year of #bydesignconf as a conference without clear spirit, where great speakers have enough time for presentations.

Perfect speakers, long presentations, no hard rules = quite a good conference…


Tobias reminded me the importance of challenging stereotypes in the design process. We all have certain mental models that are connected to an abstract solution — an answer connected to a“problem”. This is a trap however, because you lock…

“You have to leave something behind to go forward.”

- Newton’s third law of motion

This Newton’s law resonated for a while inside me and influence my decision making a lot. The #SwedishGoat reached the finish line. I love Sweden, Scandinavia and especially Malmö. Now, I am in Prague. So, this should be the right time for the retrospective session. I want to share my experiences in few words to leave some message on the Internet and maybe motivate someone else.

Petr Kozlík

Digital product designer

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