The GeoBlue Research Institute (Geoblue Lab) announced today that a “Japanese blockchain investment club meeting” was held in Samseong-dong, Seoul, on July 23rd.

Currently, ‘GeoBlue Lab’ is applied to real estate, medical and financial businesses using engines, and Smart Contact that sends and receives contracts through blockchain technology that was not possible before is implemented in technical areas.

The meeting was held with simultaneous Japanese interpreters for Japanese investors who were interested in blockchain technology and GOB technology, Also, had a diverse time-sharing partnership situation and a lot of information along with the technologies currently underway in GOB.

MOU with GED

GeoBlue Research Institute (GeoBlueLab) made an announcement on the 21st that it signed an MOU with GED (Charles) at its subsidiary in Samseong-dong, Seoul on the 20th.

GeoBlueLab uses the unique engine to apply dApps to real estate, health care, and financial business and enables technical implementation of Smart Contracts that send and receive contracts through blockchain technology, which was previously impossible.

“We expect a mutual agreement to successfully launch Charles’ DAPP using GeoBlueLab’s Mainnet,” said Kim Sung-kyu, vice president of the GeoBlue Research Institute.

MOU with Korean Society Opinion Institute

GeoBlue Research Institute (GeoBlue Lab) made an announcement on the 21st that it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Society Opinion Institute (KSOI) to expand mutual cooperation.

GeoBlueLab uses engines to apply to real estate, health care and financial business and enables technical implementation of Smart Contracts that send and receive contracts through blockchain technology, which was previously impossible.

“We are looking forward to future blockchain business through a business agreement in order to move globally with the blockchain technology of Geo blueLab and information of social opinion research institute that cannot be falsified,” said Kim Sung-kyu…

A total of 130 organizations, including 17 metropolitan self-governing bodies, 32 government-affiliated agencies and agencies, and 15 private companies, will participate from March 21–23.

GeoBlueLab (CEO Kwon Hyun-taek) was awarded the 4th Industry Revolution Technology Job Creation Minister Award.

GeoBlue Lab introduced examples of projects such as blockchain technology that blocks hacking from sources and minutes system of social welfare council in Jeju Island.

It was established by converting its meeting minutes system that was provided with HWP and PDF files into blockchain mechanism that cannot be changed at all. Based on this, they agreed with tour platform companies in Jeju Island to convert related services such as accommodation, restaurants, vehicles and guides into blockchain-based ones.

Earlier in the day, GeoBlueLab also jumped into…

Geobluelab, which is building a GOB blockchain platform, said Thursday that it signed a business agreement with OhKims, a law firm, on May 2.

The business agreement was designed to boost the blockchain ecosystem while strengthening bilateral cooperation in such areas as law.

MOU with OhKims Law Firm

“By signing a business agreement with OhKims, which is a law firm, we expect to create synergy by cooperating in technology and legal and tax services in the public and private blockchain fields in the future,” said Vice President Kim Sung-kyu of GeoBlue Lab.

“OhKims, the law firm, is providing regular and integrated legal advice and blockchain business consulting for lawyers, transformers and accountants,” Oh Seong-hun, a lawyer for OhKims, said. “We will contribute to revitalizing blockchain ecosystem and create exemplary success cases with GeoBlue Lab, which provides advanced blockchain-based services in various industries.”

The signing ceremony of MOU will be held at Asia Today headquarters in Yeouido on May, 22nd
Asia Today-GOB Platform Agreement Concordation Ceremony

CEO of Geobluelab and Asia Today

CEO of Asia Today and CEO of GeoBlueLab are taking photos after signing a business agreement at the Asia Today building in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Tuesday.

The global general daily which is Asian Today and blockchain platform GeoBlueLab Research Institute have joined hands to promote blockchain ecosystem.

With this agreement, it is expected that both companies will contribute to expanding Blockchain ecosystem and create synergy through mutual cooperation in media and other sectors.

Asia Today and GeoBlueLab…


GOB held a technology meet up in the GeoBlueLab which is the R&D Centre located in Korea. About 50 supporters who have supported GOB Project from the beginning were invited.

GOB updated the redesigned vision, more developed technologies, and better solutions for the blockchain for the supporters.

Geobluelab R&D Centre

GOB’s new vision is to be the Gateway to Blockchains. Fast, secure cross-chain data exchange and easy dApp launch

To achieve the vision.

GOB’s first mission is to build a platform for blockchain companies that helps blockchain service development easy & efficient. …

Hello, supporters of GOB!

Yesterday, there were 1st and 2nd IEO sales at CoiNeal, 20:45 and 21:45 in Korean time. IEO Sales were ended with great enthusiasm.

CoinNeal is the one of the biggest global exchange. CoiNeal is ranked 5~9th on the CMC standard.

GeoBlueLab R&D Centre develops GOB Platform


There was a big event in Geobluelab R&D Centre which is the company that develops GOB Platform and software.

Blockchain Immersive Trip 2019 visits Geobluelab, Samsung, Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, and many other Blockchain companies.

There was a speech about the circumstances of blockchain business, services, and technologies of Geobluelab.

Geobluelab showed many prototypes of dApps that support visualized smart contract, data exchange, a service interface for users.

As technologies were already developed, people showed their interests to applying Geobluelab’s blockchain solutions to their business.

There were about 40 members of Blockchain Immersive Trip are Singapore government officials and Entrepreneurs. They visited Geobluelab to see what solutions are addable to their business.

GOB was introduced to the Vietnamese community and held a live stream interview at 10pm, on April 9(in Korean time).

GOB interviewed, answering the following questions.

1. Please introduce yourself and GOB

2. What was your motive for GOB?

3. There are a number of similar platforms. Having said this, what do you think are the THREE major differentiation factors of GOB?

4. What is your go2market strategy?

5. Tell me about your past and current fund-raising status.

6. What is your IEO strategy, that is, how much you plan to raise and what actions you will take to increase the GOB token value? How do you see the GOB token to perform after listing?

7. Brag about your team

GOB Platform

Realizable blockchain platform of Mega DApp and Mainnet, and interoperable Universal Blockchain Hub

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