DIY color-changing slime! Only 3 ingredients!

Hey guys! So lately I’ve been requested so much to make a DIY slime with is perfect with Halloween coming up, but I wanted to do something slightly different, so today I’m going to show how to make color changing slime! The first ingredient is some clear glue any brand would work and I’ve heard that white glue works too, but I haven’t personally tried it.

Then you would need the thing that will make it change color I’m using this heat sensitive fabric paint that I found on eBay I will leave the link in the description box but you can use any paint or pigment that is heat sensitive The amount you add is up to your choice, the more you add the more vibrant the color is going to be, obviously. And it’s really important that you mix it really really well. And the last ingredient is laundry detergent, and it doesn’t have to be this brand, I’m pretty sure any brand will work.

You don’t need a certain amount , just add a little bit at a time and mix it well with the glue as I’m doing here. As you see the slime will eventually stop sticking to the bowl and that’s the moment you take it out. At first is going to be really wet and difficult to work with with but keep kneading it with your hands and that’s it! You will have the perfect slime.

Now let’s test if it changes color! I decided to make a ball with it and dip it into some cold water and as you see it definitely changes color but is not as vibrant as I expected I also let it cool down completely and the heat it again with a hair dryer. And also I placed one of the halves in the fridge and I heated the other half with my hands and then mix them to see the two colors together. And as the glue is clear you can stretch it like this and make kind of a window.

SO, that was all, I hope you liked it I had a lot of fun making it and this is an awesome DIY to do with kids and perfect for Halloween Thumbs up, if you want more color changing stuff because I would love to make something more I love you guys so so much and thanks. Bye^_^

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