Soundpeers Closing Up Letter

Hey there! It’s been a long time since I did not open my mouth to speak about my little child Soundpeers. Well, that has an obvious reason, as you can imagine, me and my business partner decided to close up the business as we didn’t find enough time to take care of the company.

All the process has been a big challenge to me. I started reading many books and evolving many ideas on my head, which eventually led me to quit my paid job and jump into the creation of my own product. During the next two years I met many great people, learned to find business partners, tried to create passion around my idea, assisted to a startup accelerator, worked in Google Campus at Madrid, speak to other people in the industry and learned many things about technology which I never touched before.

Couple months ago I decided that I was exhausted and that I needed a break. It was starting to be pretty discouraging as we did not make any money and perhaps that was not what I wanted to get with this adventure. I put a lot of effort and hours in something that I love, but I was also putting many hours in things that I don’t love that much, such as getting users or sell things. So I decided, together with my business partner, that going on was non-sense. We both needed to disconnect in order to charge energy and irradiate happiness again.

It’s time to us to continue supporting music in many other ways. I’m sad to throw these lines, it’s the end of an era. But I wanted to say something about this life experience which made me happy many many times. After five months working again on a regular paid job, I have to say that I’m already starting to miss entrepreneurial life, so new projects will come up soon for sure.

Finishing up, my dream would be that someone in the industry would want to take over so we can finally let the project grow up in other hands. The website will be running still for some months, at least until our benefit from Azure ends. I know that many people are working very hard in the music industry and perhaps some of them could find useful the steps we already made. If you feel you are one of those or if you want just to express an opinion, drop me an email to and we can have a chat or two on that.

Many thanks to all for this precious time, it’s been fantastic and soon I will be on the road again.

Rock & Roll,

Guillermo Beltri
CEO at
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