So, UnicornGo is back in the game! Now you can have time to participate in the presale!
UnicornGo is a new gaming high-tech Multiverse created by multiple blockchains put together. Fabulous creatures and scientific research, high-tech and fantasy, collectible passions and genetic experiments merged together in a colorful fantasy world.
According to the developers, an application for all desktop computers, iPhone and Android will be implemented for the game.
The game still provides an in-game market, cross-platform support for NFT tokens, tournaments, quests, and many other delicious things, even exclusive referral bonuses for pre-sale participants.
UnicornGo was released 3 years ago and now the game is being transferred from beta to the main, functional version, and unicorns are moving to a new reality.
Why is it better to go in now?
Players will be able to get into the game by purchasing a season pass. Early birds who purchased starry tokens at any presale stage will have early access and entry to games without a season pass.
Upon entering dex, the token cost will be $1.5. Since the company burns tokens, the more the community buys tokens, the more companys tokens will be burned.
Another bonus for players who started exploring the unicorngo multiverse at the presale stage is that in addition to starry tokens, they will receive a unicorn of the limited collection warriors of light, owners of unique valuable traits.
In fact, unicorns of the limited collection Warriors of Light are owners of lifelong referral links. Therefore, they are an independent game resource with its own value which can be sold or exchanged at any time in the in-game marketplace or at crypto-exchanges.
Thus, the earliest members of the community get both the best token price and higher profitability due to their referrals.
In the near future, you will be able to start exploring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the beautiful and colorful world of Unicorns. Join the study of the project where it is planned to implement the cultivation of your unicorns and enjoy a new type of game based on the blockchain.

IMPORTANT! AT THE MOMENT, THE GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY!!! Only the early stage of the presale started 02 june 2021.

Referral Link:
Original link:

The link will take you to the Star Berry purchase page. The Star Berry Token (STARRY) is an ERC - 20 token that opens the gates to the magical UnicornGO multiverse and provides access to the purchase of collectible unicorns, game passes, land, candy, NFT, and other game resources. A total of 108,000,000 Star Berry tokens will be issued. Additional supply of tokens is not possible in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

For convenience, you can select payment via BSC in the drop-down list, enter your address and email address. Everything is intuitive.
I used a multi-currency Trust wallet. After the transaction was completed, an address in the BSC network was written in the information message, where you can track your balance.

In the Trust wallet, opened the settings menu.
I squandered it to the bottom.

And added a new token: The SmartChain
Contract address: 0x60848ebf44c89bf2f9a3579bae70ee294adb41ae
Name: Star Berry
Symbol: (STARRY)
Decimals: 18

Done! The wallet now displays the purchased tokens.
It's a small matter. Wait for the team to launch the project in full force 😁