On June 11, the 2019 China Venture Capital and Private Equity Institutions List was announced in Shanghai. Gobi Partners China and its invested companies received three awards!

  1. China’s Best Foreign Venture Capital Institution TOP30
  2. China’s Best Investment Case of Technology Financial Industry TOP5


Chibo Tang, Partner @ Gobi Partners China has a decade of experience in venture capital. Looking back, he shares with us below about the associated pros and cons of joining VC at a young age. Enjoy!

when 2020 first started, someone told me that this would be a great year…

Gobi Tech Open Day

As discussed in previous posts, in the face of the B2C market slowing down, both entrepreneurs and investors have redirected their attention to the B2B / enterprise solutions sector which is now primed for exponential growth. …

Chinese Venture hosted its 7th annual Fintech Innovation Summit in Shanghai on September 26, 2019, where the top fintech investor were recognized.

ThingWorks, developer of a smart manufacturing dashboard system raises close to RMB 10 million from Gobi Partners China for product development and team expansion.

Customizable modules on the ThingsWorks smart manufacturing dashboard system.

ThingWorks offers an answer to the issues around traditional manufacturing systems through a smart and easy-to-use dashboard that collects, processes, and analyzes data and can be…

Gobi Tech Open Day — August 14, 2019

Chibo Tang, Partner at Gobi Partners China hosted the “AI and Sector Applications” panel, joined by Professor Jianxiong Xiao — Founder & CEO of autonomous driving developer AutoX; Kelvin Lei — CEO of digital financial advisor Aqumon; and Yong He — CEO & Founder of cloud computing platform DeepBrain Chain.

CEIBS Business Review (CBR) speaks with Michael Zhu, Managing Partner at Gobi Partners China on investment opportunities in the tech field. Michael boasts 16 years of investment experience, investing in companies such as Airwallex, WaveOptics, CloudWise, and Teambition among many other leading tech startups. …

Children at the indoor petting zoo “Mr Zoo” in mainland China

Mr Zoo has completed their third round of fundraising this year, including their Seed Round, Angel Round, and Pre-A Rounds led by Cambrian Venture Capital, Gobi Partners China, and Tou Tou Shi Dao (头头是道) respectively.

Indoor petting zoos first became popular overseas and had recently expanded to the Chinese market…

On August 14, 2019, we hosted “Gobi Tech Open Day” in partnership with 36Kr at the Four Seasons in Beijing, where pioneers in the tech field and our Partners got together to discuss the future of tech and investment strategies in China.

Established in 2002, Gobi Partners is one of…

Gobi Partners China

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