Ode to Silicon Valley by Kay-Mok Ku

Gobi Partners
Sep 18, 2019 · 2 min read

The PC was hot and so was Apple before it became not,
AI and VR were all the rage before the hype was caught,
Client/server computing took off causing mainframes to fall,
While Internet workstations were hibernating in college halls.

The Valley was the epitome of sports,
As the 49ers was the best football team of the lot,
While the baseball “World Series” between the As and Giants was local,
When the Earth shook below, the game turned global.

Welcome to Sili-cone Valley!

The Network became the Computer,
And B2B companies the next winners,
For they were selling pickaxes to the new gold miners,
Who bought Sun, Netscape and Oracle servers.

Soon B2B startups were going public in three years,
Before the correction brought the public to tears,
The fastest way to make a billion,
It seems, was to start with ten billion.

Welcome to Sili-con Valley!

As the Sun sets, the Cloud rises,
And B2C now rules the horizon,
From Facebook to Google to Amazon.

The housing bubble followed the dotcom bubble,
And when that also turned into rubble,
Quantitative easing became the preferred vehicle,
So Bitcoin was adopted as the hedging miracle,
Goodbye IPO, hello ICO.

Welcome to Sili-coin Valley!

Nokia floundered, bringing TV to the phone,
But Apple was resurrected, bringing PC to the phone,
And Microsoft flourished, bringing PC to the Cloud.

We have entered the decade of the Unicorns,
Which gave way to Decacorns,
But we await the real mythical creatures: Hectocorns!

Welcome to Sili-corn Valley!

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