Revolutionize your hotel experience

iBeacon changes hospitality as we know it

The hotel experience is changing in front of our eyes. New technology is making traveling simpler than ever.

Check in through your phone, bypassing the lines at reception. Without pressing any buttons, the elevator takes you to the proper floor. Stepping out, an arrow shaped light appears on the wall in front of you, guiding you to the correct room. Upon arrival, your phone is the key, granting you room access. All of this made possible through the new iBeacon technology.

iBeacon’s power lies in its use of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) technology. BLE can be compared to the GPS in a car. With BLE and our Black Nova app, your mobile phone can alert the system when you approach or leave a location and calculate the proximity.

Combined with predictive algorithms and AI platform, iBeacon can navigate you from any point A to any point B. Now, guided by the hotel, you will know exactly where the swimming pool, spa, or any other hotel service is located. At the same time, the hotelier gets insights into guest preferences and knows how to better serve them in the future.

Enter the room and your phone manages all amenities. Dim the lights, close the blinds, or lower the temperature using the Nova App. The phone can be used as a remote for the TV as well. Walk into the next room while watching a favorite movie and the movie follows you, popping on the nearest screen. No reconfiguration required, just effortless management.

Or, even better, just say what you need to our T-DOT, and watch it happen without leaving the bed.

At Black Nova, we believe that the future is now. Our goal is to revolutionize the hotel industry. We are a team of forward thinkers who believe in the value of our product — strengthening guest loyalty and maximizing revenue streams. A happy customer becomes a loyal and returning patron.

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