The current Roadmap represents the starting point for 2021.

At the beginning of the year, two figures were nominated for the GoByte project, Load#7208(Discord User) the new social media manager and Barry Style the new GoByte Core developer, nicknamed ace of masternodes.

For our Medium followers, we list below, the ways to qualify for the extravagant MEME contest.

Meme Competition #GoByte
Meme Competition #GoByte
Meme Competition GoByte

How to participate?

Competition Rules

.1 The winner will be decided by the GoByte community itself.
.2 You can create as many memes as you want to increase your chances of winning.
.3 Community Voting via Thumbs Up that will be counted towards the winner.
.4 #meme-competition channel will be emoji only once we have enough competitors.
.5 The GBX team has full…

The easiest way to run a GoByte masternode!

Before starting further with this guide, make sure you have the latest GoByte Core Wallet version.

Step #1

Register an account on
After you did so, click on the tokens icon, on the top-right corner. You cna find it directly here.
Buy 1 or more tokens, depending on how many masternodes you decide to host. Keep in mind, that 1 token equals to 1 month of hosting, for one masternode.

Portable money, anywhere, any time and under your control is a vision we all share in crypto, but we’re usually tied to a specific device and we have to have multiple wallets installed on our device to manage every type of crypto. What if you could have device independent control of your funds available anytime and anywhere and one wallet for everything?

  • What if you had a multicurrency wallet, that didn’t require a…

Installing Sentinel for your masternodes

Before starting further with this guide, make sure you have updated the GoByte Wallet to the last version, otherwise the sentinel won’t work.

Step #1

Login to you VPS client, and execute the following command in order to update your VPS and install python virtual environment.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install python-virtualenv // -> if not working do:
// alternative: sudo apt-get -y install python-pip
// alternative: sudo apt-get -y isntall virtualenv

Step #2

The sentinel installation…

Card Theft and Card Skimming

Modern credit/debit cards are equipped with wireless NFC — RFID technology allowing payments to be made easily. However, what they do not tell you is that this same technology is at risk from electronic fraud. “Skimming” or electronic fraud is a worldwide problem with millions of thefts per day! It can be done in seconds with a standard skimming device.

With the upcoming release of the new GOBYTE PAY features— GoByte Pay v2.0 — our efforts will be focused on building the GoByte ecosystem and developer community. Alongside the growth of our core community members and user-base, these next steps include building a brand new community for developers.

Short guide on how to enable the 2FA on the GoByte Pay platform.

Step #1

We go to our Android Store and download the app called “Google Authenticator” and install it.

Step #2

We login to the GoByte Pay platform with our email and password, then we select the Settings menu from the left side-bar.

Step #3

We open the “Google Authenticator” app on our mobile and hit the + icon on the bottom right.

Short guide on how to deposit and withdraw your GBX coins from or to the GoByte Pay platform.

Step #1

Generating a new GoByte address inside the GoByte Pay platform.

After we login, we should be located on the Dashboard.

Short guide explaining how to register a GoByte Pay account and how to Upgrade your account level.

Step #1

Access the following link: and make sure you see the green lock saying “Secure” near our URL address.

Fill in your email, but make sure it’s correct and that you can access it.

  • At least 1 capital letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 special character
  • More than 8 characters in lenght

After you got a strong password, click and fill the box that says I’m…

GoByte Network

GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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