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Simply getting traffic for your business can be a hassle if you don’t know where to start. There are tons of different
resources that you can approach as far getting traffic, which turn into leads, which can possibly lead to sales as we all
know. Craigslist is one of the highest trafficked websites in the world according to So as far as generating
traffic from Craigslist, that would be an awesome idea. Anyone can post an ad on craigslist about almost anything, so the
competition is pretty high. Well, how do you make your craigslist post stand out in Craigslist? The answer is simple;
quality content. When I say content, I mean the entire post as a whole which includes the title, body, and images. The
post placement matters only for your specific niche. Some people decide to put up paid ads in the Craigslist jobs section
of major cities, others like to post in the resume section, while some post in the gigs section.
Bottom line is, no matter where you post, you have to have quality content in order for your post to generate
any traffic to wherever it is that you want to lead your traffic to.

What Makes Craigslist So Effective?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, it is one the most visited websites in the world so there is continuous traffic. Once you learn how to effectively post appealing ads that will attract that high volume of traffic, you will start seeing your daily leads increase drastically. Imagine 5,000 people in one day visiting the jobs section of your city for a sales postion. 10% (500) of those people click on your post (this percentage can increase if your title is attractive). 10% (50) of those people go to your call-to-action. That is 50 new leads every single day. Remember that the first 10% can increase if your Craigslist title post is appealing. So here is the math behind Craigslist regarding to MCA: TRAFFIC (10% of 5,000=500) turns to LEADS (10% of 500=50) which can potentially convert to SALES (10% of 50=5). That is potentially 5 sales a day! That’s why Craigslist is so effective.

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