My Journey To Joining Motor Club of America

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Scrolling down my timeline on Facebook about 3 years ago, I always say pictures of money with a sign or card that read “ Join MCA” or “Join Motor Club of America.” The posts always read “18+ over,” and I was 17 years old at the time, so I never really looked into it. (Besides, I was receiving college letters for basketball at the time and wasn’t looking for a job either)

En route to playing college ball, in high school, my family started having some troubles, so after I graduated high school I needed to get a job to start taking care of expenses. In my dad’s household, we were encouraged to move out on our own once we turn a certain age. I had to start bringing in a lot of income in order to prepare for all the bills I was about to have on my table. (At a point, I was working 3 jobs. I HATED IT!) I was never free, I missed out on a family reunion and my mother’s birthday. On top of that, even with three jobs, I didn’t have enough money to do everything it was that I wanted to do for myself and my family.

While working, I always knew I could do more than I was being told to do so I was continuously waiting or a raise or promotion. I also knew I was worth more than I was being paid (WAY MORE)! I wanted more out of life, and I was just waiting for the right moment to come my way.

A good friend of mine told me about a network marketing company (I won’t mention) that he wanted me to become apart of. I told him that I won’t. He responded by asking me why not. I had no legitimate reason besides the fact that I just wasn’t interested. He was persistent with insisting on getting me to join because he knew my mindset. We finally had a chance to sit down with each other and I decided that I would join, BUT under a few conditions: we were to do thorough research on the company before I joined, we were to have a plan on how we go about building our team, and the MOST IMPORTANT, we will not quit!

Nobody kept their word! I was the only one looking lost a few months later. My upline/business partner with Motor Club of America (who was a mentor at the time) told me to just stick it out and don’t get discouraged. He insisted on joining my team to help build my image. I was ecstatic. Before he joined, we sat down with each other at Starbuck’s to go over both compensation plans of Motor Club of America and the company I was apart of. I WAS SHOCKED BY THE RESULTS. I just knew my company’s compensation plan was the best. We crunched in numbers for numerous different scenarios. Motor Club of America’s compensation plan blew the other’s out of the water in almost every standpoint.

I slept on it that night and woke up realizing that joining Motor Club of America was a “no-brainer.”

People like to call it a risk; I like to call it an “investment.” I understand that a little skepticism comes along with network marketing. Skepticism comes with all “risks” period. A smart person doesn’t just take risks; that’s called gambling. Smart people take “calculated risks.” Successful people take action, stay consistent, and NEVER give up! That’s what makes the difference in people who work for money and people who have money work for them.

Motor Club of America was and still is a great investment; not only for the income opportunity but also the motor club benefits.

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