What’s it like to work with Codal?

Starting a project with Codal and wondering what it will be like to work with us? Or are you simply just interested in how we do things? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short guide to tell you a little bit more about how we do things, our culture internally and with our clients, and what we think makes a successful project.

iDays: Bringing Our Style of Innovation to You

In the beginning of most projects, Codal will conduct innovation days, or iDays, with the client. An iDay is a collaborative brainstorming session consisting of designers, researchers, developers, engineering specialists, members of the client team, and even a selection of their own customers. iDays ensure that we can plan a project not just for what is needed today, but what will be needed in the future.

At Codal, we strive to design and develop platforms that are stable, sustainable, and innovative. We are a forward-thinking group of individuals constantly staying up to date on the latest trends; there is no idea you have that will be too difficult for us to tackle. As a UX design agency on the cutting edge, we want to bring our culture of innovation to your project!

Collaboration and Transparency

Codal is open to as much collaboration on projects as our clients like. Usually, the more collaboration that exists between us and the client, the smoother the process goes. Your feedback is important to us — we want to build something that not only we like, but something that you will also fall in love with.

Typically, you can expect at least one update per week from your project manager. If you want to be included in the daily stand-up meetings, we welcome you to jump on a conference call every day to learn what the team will be working on! To ensure 100% transparency, Codal opens its doors so that you, the client, feel comfortable and informed at every step of developing the best possible solution for you.

As a testament to our commitment to transparency, Codal will even provide clients access to our internal project management systems, so you can receive updates, track progress, and view what we’re working on as it happens. Having access to these platforms means that you can be as involved as you want to be — we always encourage heavy collaboration and involvement from you!

Success is a Process

With nearly a decade of industry experience, we have encountered and surpassed every obstacle imaginable; we possess a thorough understanding of what makes a successful project, and what doesn’t. Without an effective process, a design or development project can quickly fall apart.

Displayed below is the Agile process Codal adheres to that ensures a truly valuable end product every time.

The Codal Process

We’re All About #CodalCulture

We are a fun, curious, and hardworking group consisting of designers, developers, innovators, and marketers. Together, we embrace a culture of collaboration that thrives on participation, ideation, and constructive criticism. Company culture is extremely important to us, and provides us with a competitive advantage that maintains our role as a leading app design agency in Chicago.

Yes, working with Codal means you’re getting a well-researched, beautifully-designed product — but it also means that you get to work with a team of the best and brightest minds in a comfortable, fun, environment.

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