Who Made It Into Startup Spotlight 2015?

Here it is, the list you have been wishing for (probably more than Santa’s); G.O.D. Village’s Top Ten Startup Spotlights of 2015!

After hours deliberating which startup had our heads turned, and our eyebrows raised, a decision has been made. Find out why 2015 was such a great year! (P.S. click on each name to discover more)

  1. Appearhere
Image courtesy of appearhere.co.uk

The concept of a startup based around providing rental space for pop-ups had us hooked from the onset. Appearhere allows users to list and rent a space, therby, “creating a global network of spaces so people can make their idea travel. Retail is changing and now more than ever you need to be in the right place, at the right time”.

2. The NoPhone

Smartphone Separation Anxiety Syndrome may sound like a fancy, superficial term, however we assure you it is a real, and unfortunately, a common issue for the digital generation. But fear not, the NoPhone is here. The NoPhone aims to alleviate the anxiety that comes along with not having a phone, and/or work as a substitute for a phone. Now we can focus on what really matters by adopting a block of metal instead of an iPhone 6.

3. Youfanapp

As the saying goes, “two many cooks spoil the broth”, although the Chinese startup, Youfanapp, hopes to change this. Youfanapp is essentially an online platform for diners, connecting home cooks with different groups of strangers. So who’s coming to dinner?

4. Africa Business Portal

Image courtesy of africabusinessportal.com

2015 witnessed a plethora of innovative startups geared towards bolstering the startup community in Africa; Africa Business Portal was no exception. ABP hopes to create safe and successful bilateral trade and investment opportunities on the continent.

5. One Roof

Image courtesy of onefoorwomen.com

Coworking spaces are now the thing of the present and future. We have witnessed spaces dedicated to those with a strong passion for a sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace, entrepreneurs who are looking for activity-based locations and those who simply love coffee. But what about entrepreneurial gender imbalance? OneRoof’s goal is to encourage female startup founders to work amongst each other, therefore sharing inspiration. OneRoof also provides several services aimed at women founders, like yoga and meditation sessions, networking and problem solving sessions.

6. Headspace

Courtesy of headspace.com

In one of our first ever Medium articles, we discussed the necessity to focus on wellness throughout your startup’s culture. Meditiation app, Headspace, seems to further support this point by driving the latest workplace trend. Headspace currently offers corporate packages on its app to a limited number of businesses, and hopes to craft special features for specific enterprises in the very near future.

7. Dishco

Image courtesy of dishco.com

Dishco is one of our most exciting startups this year. The startup lets you “discover the dish you are craving on the go, based on real time and location based suggestions”. It allows restaurants to list their signature dishes on its portal where customers can rank those dishes according to their preferences.

Anyone hungry?

8. Somatrix — SmokeBeat

Image Source: ow.ly/Wvfr1

Israeli based startup Somatrix believes it has the answer we have all been looking for — how to stop smoking. Its product, Smokebeat, works by tracking your every move; a data analytics platform compatible with all commercial smartwatches and wristbands to identify, in real time, when users are smoking. Somatrix is free, and only wants to assist in decreasing the number of smokers worldwide , whilst making the environment a healthier place.

9. Linqapp

Image courtesy of linqapp.com

If you are studying a foreign language, an unavoidable problem is finding the most authentic word, or phrase, to save you from sounding like an idiot. That’s why Linqapp has been listed in our 2015 Startup Spotlight list. The startup app is simply created to provide real-time language answers from native speakers.

10. Abbey Road Red

Image source: ow.ly/Wvef4

Abbey Road Red is the first of its kind; Europe’s first music tech startup incubator. The 84 year old studio will invest heavily into the future of music through innovation. Abbey Road Red is open to fledgling companies creating innovative technologies for music, as well as academics carrying out research in the same field.

That’s all for now, be sure to check our Medium for startups to watch in 2016!

Happy New Year!

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