4 Useful Twitter Tools

This is my first post in English on Medium. Im warning you about the bad English and the grammer rules.

Today, Twitter is ten years old, it founded at 2006. In the past ten years so many third party twitter tools launched for web and smart devices. Some are still living, some are dead. Im going to tell you about that tools i have used or using.


Slogan: Get serious about social

I guess hootsuite is the most succesfull twitter tool. 10+ million professionals are using hootsuite. The tool is not just for twitter, it can integrate with other social media giants.


Slogan: Extended Social Platform for Twitter Users

Twicial is an extended platform that you can grow your network, schedule your posts, manage multiple accounts.

With twicial you can view and browse all the Twitter data on the web.

Also, twicial can calculate some useful statistics about your followers and friends on the twitter.


Slogan: How many of your followers are real?

Twitteraudit is tracking and pointing twitter users to find real and fake users. That means, twitteaudit can say you a percentage for your twitter profile.


Slogan: Work Faster & Smarter with Twitter

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter.

By using Managefiltter, you can mange multiple accouns, grow your business and get awesome analytics.

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