Numbing your emotions for the greater good (Part 2 of 2)

Last week, I posted Part 1 of this topic and many people responded saying they were happy I brought this up because they were actually stuck in the numbing process and couldn’t get out.

So let’s start with awareness…Let today be the day you decide you’ve had enough. The numbness needs to end in order to face the inner conflict.

When that happens, you’ll come to realize the true knowing of how emotions are in fact tools…you’ll also notice how you’ve been using them the way a child uses a spoon when first learning to eat. 😕

Emotions all over your face, your head, your chest, your arms…

Sloppy, messy, sticky, and very uncoordinated.

It’s cool. We all go through it. Seriously.

Now, if you geek out on this stuff like I do, you’ll dive deep into the subject of Universal Laws, specifically the Law of Attraction- Forging a greater understanding of how your misuse of the these tools is creating a chaotic, mediocre, misaligned life experience for you.

In time, you’ll learn to see these experiences as clues. It’ll feel like reality is actually telling you what you need to know to live a better, fuller, richer life…

And how your beliefs are unconsciously guiding the survival of your fears.

It all works together like a GPS system:

  • your desired outcome as the destination
  • your beliefs as the lady bossing you around…uh, giving you directions…
  • and your emotional experience as the speed bumps, pot holes, construction zones, and bumper-to-bumper traffic along the way

For help in navigating the potential detours, you can pull up an Emotional Guidance Scale in google images.

The creation process of using Law of Attraction is simple at first but it will become really complex as you shift from letting emotions guide you to letting your beliefs about the emotions guide you.

Let me explain…

First, consider what outcome you’ve put into your GPS and how it has either manifested or not manifested for you.

Say you put “make more money” into your GPS.

That bossy voice inside you says: Turn here, you’re not worthy of that. Get off on this exit, you’re not ready for that.

Then your emotions chime in with feelings of powerlessness, discouragement, and even frustration. But because you have been numb for so long, you don’t hear the voice until it’s too late.

The emotions become your identity…
Your addiction.

From this space, you have ZERO creative faculties to draw from when trying to create a better life for yourself.

Now to get out of this numbness, we have to go back to how we got there in the first place.

Anytime we avoid conflict, we go numb. If left unprocessed, that experience gets locked up in our brain and we perceive we are a victim to the conflict.

Then our brain conditions itself to avoid future conflict by immediately going numb in hopes of preventing the pain of the current and past experiences from surfacing.

This is called Survival.

And it is in NO way a healthy state to be in.

Now, because that bossy voice is always guiding your choices, and you’re already in a state of avoiding conflict, you eventually become controlled by this voice.

You’re too afraid of what will happen if you DON’T listen so you just do what you’re told.

“You’re right, I am a failure. Better just get it over with now...”
“Yep, that’s right. I am unworthy. Better break up with him before he breaks up with me.”

You stop taking risks, stop challenging yourself to grow, and eventually lose your ability to notice the self-inflicted punishments you’ve created.

When you become numb, it’s like a rebellious child plugging its ears when they don’t want to hear the voice of authority…


The numbness keeps us in the illusion of being safe.

As long as we stay numb and resistant to the navigation process, we can blame others for our pain and have a laundry list of excuses as to why it’s not safe for us to take action on our dreams.

Nothing…I repeat…NOTHING we want…is in the safe zone of numbness.

The day I first came to this awareness, my entire life changed.

I took ownership, took action, and never looked back.

It took some time to work through the progression, allowing emotions to show me where my beliefs were directing me. Once I got a grip on that, I began tuning into the bossy lady who was giving the directions and before she could stun me with frustration or overwhelm, I could freeze and get right with my contributions to the moment.

My emotions now show me if I’m moving toward or away from my goals.

And if I feel misaligned, I choose experiences that support me in better feeling emotions, becoming hopeful, enthusiastic and even passionate about my potential.

These days, if I become numb, it’s by conscious choice…not to ignore the emotional upset but to halt my emotions from being my identity in the moment. I can consider the beliefs before the upset and choose to respond in a more proactive way.

It’s a quick fix that allows me to get super clear before I react with self-defeat.

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About the author:
Alida is an Intuitive Life Strategist, student of comparative religions, and co-owner of Mind Soul Fit OC in Newport Beach, CA. Her coaching company, Ambassador for Goodness, hosts various workshops on mindfulness, spiritual entrepreneurship, intuitive eating, art therapy, and relationship success.