Yes, I’m a Health Coach but don’t ask me about nutrition

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the topic, the research and the experimentation. I adore watching people resolve health issues by changing their diets. Hell, even I am a product of better health due to optimal intake of proper nutrition.

But here’s the thing…

Eating clean is only a SMALL fraction of your potential success.

What you’re really eating

Before I became a coach I had to overcome a serious addiction to over-consumption. Not just any food but junk foods. And not just junk food but junk thoughts, junk choices, and junk people. I couldn’t stop consuming and in the end, it consumed me.

One of my coaching specialties: eating addictions

And yes, because I too had one.

Every one of my clients who suffers from this, or any addiction…including emotional addiction…has one thing in common- shame.

When mistakes become identity, everything we do we do is in avoidance of that shame.

We eat in shame. We hold our truth in shame. We hold back our power in shame. All because we made a mistake somewhere in our past and we have yet to let that shit go.

Even Buddha knows what’s up…

Okay, maybe Buddha didn’t say that in so many words :P But every saint, guru, and spiritual leader has taught that we must surrender our past in order to make room for the blessings and miracles being delivered!

We make choices for food, sex, numbing agents, and even procrastination in shame and then we consume these things along with a massive side order of more shame.

One bite → Self judgment.

A mindless quickie → Self validation.

A few drinks → Avoidance.

Distraction →You weren’t going to succeed anyway, were you?

We live our lives one cover up at a time.

Talk to me about nutrition when you can’t seem to lose weight? No.

We’re going to talk about why you haven’t dealt with your emotions. We’ll talk about why you aren’t giving yourself permission to heal. We’ll talk about what needs to change in your programming that causes you to be stuck in fight or flight mode day in and day out.

Hear me well, NO amount of proper nutrition will heal emotional wounds.

And your perpetual desire to make yourself wrong…while on the surface trying to prove to the world you’re right…will only tell your body to repel the nourishment you attempt to feed on.

What happens when you’re in this state? Want to know how I know?

1- You struggle asking for help

2- You make quick, emotion-numbing food choices

3- You avoid taking any of the necessary steps that will push you closer to your goals

4- You push people, love, and healthy foods away

5- You defend your limited point of view viciously instead of seeking growth

6- You prioritize others needs and opinions above your own

and once you’ve gotten this far…

7- You blame genetics, your environment, your luck, your worth

8- You prioritize your excuses and your reasons for failing at life by working to validate your identity as a victim to circumstance with no choice BUT to fail…aka it’s someone else’s fault you can’t succeed

If I give you a list of what to eat and when to eat it while your emotional state is still up in arms, you’ll rebel, sabotage, and even overthink the process.

When it comes to nutrition there’s no one-size-fits all…but you won’t think about that. You’ll be convinced that the NEXT fad is the one that will change your life.

You’ll focus on “well, it worked for those people so it must work for me!”

You’ll wonder why all that salmon you’re eating isn’t doing what the magazines told you it would or why you’re eating coconut oil every day and can’t explain why you’re gaining weight.

You’ll assume that your weight is the reason why you don’t feel good in your skin thinking that WHEN you lose weight you’ll feel better.

You won’t.

In fact, IF you manage to lose weight with that mindset, the end result will still be miserable and you’ll project your lack of joy onto something else.


You’ll gain all the weight back. And more.

Understand, this is in no way a doom and gloom. Rather, it’s a call to action.

You want change in life? You must see the WHOLE picture.

You want to achieve your goals? You MUST review how your thoughts are controlling your actions.

So no…

Don’t come to ask me about nutrition unless you are ready to discuss your emotional, mental and spiritual intake as well. It’s my way of loving the parts of you that you have forgotten to love. And it’s the secret weapon I have of getting you results.

About the author
Alida’s been in the coaching industry for over 13 years with a holistic approach to health, success, love, and purpose-driven living. She’s co-owner of Mind Soul Fit OC in Newport Beach, founder of Ambassador for Goodness Coaching, and currently prepping for launch of a new cooking show Eat Glow Rise on YouTube.