You MUST find what works…in your own way

Tuesday nights are family dinner nights with my mom and her bff, Rick. I do the cooking and we sit around the table to discuss random things happening in the world. It’s a weekly experience I never thought I’d have the luxury of partaking in but one I SO look forward to…

Especially when my mom pulls an Iron Chef Mystery Basket on me!

As a classically trained chef, I find a great deal of inspiration in the unknown. I enjoy trying new flavor combinations and testing out recipes for potentially new, healthy dishes.

Family dinner nights on produce box delivery days are the BEST because I have no idea what my mom ordered and what ingredients I’ll have to work with 😄

Last night, I roasted cipollini onions with kumquats and Scarlet scallions (they’re like green onions but sweeter and purple…my FAV color ❤). Then as they were just about finished, I drizzled the top with some limoncello.

Food to me is like life: the richer the experience, the better the memory.

As a life coach, I often find my clients (all Alphas, btw) struggle to let go long enough to enjoy the spontaneous abundance…aka richness…that is a mystery box.

We train hard, study hard, work hard, and live with such intensity that we almost need to prepare for everything and anything that can come our way. Even to a fault.

We tend to approach life like a Spartan Race rather than a masterful concerto.

Push. Grind. Hustle. Bleed. Repeat.

No time for…flow, grace, ease…surrender. That’s for the woo-woo people.

When it comes to food, and life for that matter, moments are best served at the perfect temperature and touched by the grace of an artist. That artist is YOU.

To push through life while never giving yourself permission to actually enjoy it is like saying put this 14 course meal so painstakingly prepared in a blender and chug it fast because you simply do NOT have time to enjoy each course as it comes.

As my late adopted grandmother used to say…PFFFSSSTTT!!!

The fact is, if you can’t even give yourself permission to relax, you won’t have time to understand why you can’t seem to level up the way you KNOW you’re capable of doing.

Growth requires passion. Passion requires presence. Presence requires patience.

And patience, well, that’s an acquired taste best served to someone who has time to wait around all day for things to happen.

We’re Alphas, we don’t wait.

But we need to.

I learned long ago that food…not just good food but GREAT food…requires patience. And my life began to blossom when I treated it the way I treated my food preparation.

Great care, compassion, AND patience are needed to learn and grow and explore the vast potential we all possess. Needed to experience the full flavors of life!

And trust me…

Your face won’t melt off and the world won’t end if you take a five minute breather to enjoy the finer things in life.

If anything, you’ll feel better and even more passionate about your daily grind because of it.

You’d be amazed at how much more productive you become when you let yourself ‘live a little’ more than you did before. It’s like a recharge for your body, mind AND spirit.

This is what I LOVE most about cooking: it forces me to be still and listen to my heart’s callings. To be one with the artistic nature of creating flavors, textures and visually stimulating works of multi-sensory art.

I reminds me that the best things in life take time and cannot be rushed.

What will it take to get you to relax?

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About the author:
Alida is an Intuitive Life Strategist, student of comparative religions, and co-owner of Mind Soul Fit OC in Newport Beach, CA. Her coaching company, Ambassador for Goodness, hosts various workshops on mindfulness, spiritual entrepreneurship, intuitive eating, art therapy, and relationship success.
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