Your CODE tells all

Every day, countless amounts of brain space go wasted on contemplating crap questions and keeping people stuck in the endless sea of procrastination.

Here’s why…

Years ago, I heard the concept of a “don’t do list” and it got me wondering:

How much brain power am I really wasting on making decisions IN the moment when I could just make them ahead of time?

I spent years dieting like a body builder, competed in a couple shows along the way, and during those times I seemed to always have ample brain space to make tough decisions.

I was on fire!

It sure as heck wasn’t due to the thermogenics. Those gave me just energy enough to get through the one hour weight training and two hours of cardio each day.

My ability to think clearly might have been related to the high amount of movement I was doing daily as the science behind movement shows that stresses on the body created by physical training actually change the brain…but something much greater was at work.

My brain power came from one thing: discipline.

You and I both know that when we don’t have to waste time or energy thinking about the little things, we thrive in the bigger things. This is the reason Zucks, Jobs and many more legendary minds have chosen a very limited selection of clothes to wear daily.


Little choices made in times of peace = fewer choices to make when the stakes are high

When I was dieting and dialing in my conditioning, my meal planning and workout programs were a NO questions asked process. I planned for weeks, if not months, ahead of time to determine which path I’d take, what portion sizes and macros I’d be consuming, what areas of my body needed the most work to create symmetry and what times of day I’d fit in my cardio/workouts.

Every important decision was made BEFORE I began cutting calories…or carbs.

When it came time to eat a certain type of food and a particular portion, it was pre-made, pre-measured, and so I ate without wondering, “Is this right? Should I be eating more? I’m REALLY hungry and I’ve been training extra this week…perhaps I should have more carbs.”

The proper planning prevented me from having to make a tough decision in a moment of hunger…

When it came to each day of the week, my cardio and workout sessions were scheduled and planned out for body parts with corresponding exercises. That way, I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to do instead on those days I was too tired to think.

Less brain space wasted on the tough decisions allowed me to focus on excellence in other areas of my life.

I actually LOVE being in this state of competition prep because of the mental clarity!

Funny thing is…

Most people can’t handle this level of discipline and work voraciously to sabotage themselves from practicing it in fear of being caged or somehow cheated out of something that can’t live without.

What they don’t realize is that discipline is a source of great power WHEN used correctly!

To me, discipline is like a code of conduct that we must calibrate all actions, choices and habits to.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I do live videos in my Facebook Mindfulness Challenge group and today’s video covered the topic of the Conduct Code.

It’s a tool I’ve used with my coaching clients for as far back as I can remember.

The premise is this:

1- Write an Always/Never Do list

2- Live by that code, NO questions asked

The reason this tool is so effective is that many people have these lists unconsciously and are using them to keep their habits locked in stagnation instead of growth. Once we become conscious of these lists, we can shift them to create a more agile, powerful and successful presence in life.

Let me explain…

You wake up in the morning. You want coffee before having a convo. Your code of conduct dictates that you are not able to hold a conversation without the coffee.

Coffee before people.

You wake up to your alarm. You know you need to go workout. You don’t. Your code of conduct dictates those extra five minutes of tossing and turning while fighting your decision matters more than your commitment to fitness. And perhaps there’s a hidden clause that also states your Netflix marathon last night was more important as well.

Procrastination over success.

See, we have these habits that we validate each and every day with our always and nevers without consciously choosing to challenge their validity at any time.

It’s like we wake up in a state of hypnosis, fulfill the programming throughout the day, then return to bed with very few changes, all the while wondering why we can’t seem to get ahead in life.

The Conduct Code is way of creating life on YOUR terms by making a conscious statement about how you wish to show up in life then living it.

And being a coach of law of attraction/manifestation and the use of cosmic energies, I’ve seen this work miraculously in bringing forth a speedier, more clear manifestation overall.

The process:

1- become aware of your habits

2- write down everything you do on auto-pilot

3- determine which of these programs are helping to propel you forward

4- make them an ALWAYS DO

5- determine which of these programs are holding you down

6- make them a NEVER DO

Now, it make take some time to reprogram your brain to always and never do these things but I guarantee that over time you will see some incredible shifts in your authenticity and integrity!

If you decide to try this, let me know how it goes for you ;) Comment in the section below and tell me what you will be changing or keeping the same.

About the Author:

Alida is an avid student of ancient religions. Her work as a coach covers spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical calibrations to create powerfully authentic self expression. She coaches clients globally under her Ambassador for Goodness umbrella and is co-owner of Mind Soul Fit OC, a holistic providers network in Newport Beach, CA.