Opt For Individual Styles In Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to the choice of bridesmaids the bride will soon discover that they have different body shapes, unless they are identical twins or triplets.
The choice has to be made accordingly on what type of dress will suit them all. Or you could just accept that the style you choose will not suit them all. In this case you could opt to buy individual dresses of the same colour.

The length of them does not matter as most figures suit Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses for instance. These hide a multitude of sins whether the girls have stick-thin legs or they are on the chunky side.

For the rest you can style the bodice to each individual’s needs. It has, therefore, become extremely fashionable to choose mis-matched dresses so that the personality of each bridesmaid can shine through.

Formalities in dress codes have long gone and rather than having a frumpy train of girls trailing behind you, you are in fact celebrating their individual styles. After all you have chosen them because they are close friends or relatives.

The day will be a much more relaxed one when the maids are comfortable in their clothing. There are several different necklines to choose from to suit individual body shapes.

There are many designs available to you of dresses that are in the same colour, but have different bodices. This will take the agonising over the one size fits all dilemma and you should let your attendants choose the style that suits them best. That does not mean that if you choose a maxi style that the skirt part has to be different too.

In the past mute colours such as pastels were all the norm. However, nowadays brides often choose bolder colours for their attendants. If you are a fan of tradition you could choose black. This sounds strange, but you can dress these dresses up with colourful accessories, such as posies and shoes.
All you need to consider that you choose a colour that will complement all of the bridesmaids’ skin tones.

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