The Evening Dress: How to Get It Right First Time

Everyone wants to get it right when dressing for a formal or semi-formal occasions. Getting it right, on the other hand, isn’t something many people achieve. They might wear dresses that are too revealing, dresses that other people are wearing (a HUGE faux pas indeed), or shoes that make them waddle, rather than glide.

Getting it right is difficult, but it certainly isn’t beyond the scope of even the direst of dressers. It’s something we can all do…with the right advice. And that’s our aim during the course of this article: to give you the advice you need in order to wear an evening dress with style and grace.

Always Choose a Cut and Style That Flatters Your Body Shape

In achieving this first condition, you need firstly to work out what body shape you have. This is much easier than you might imagine, because there is plenty of useful information out there on the internet.

We would advise that you team up with a buddy to help you get this right — heck, you could make an evening of it with your friends. A party themed around working out your body shape.

If this seems too much for some reason — maybe your friends aren’t interested in fashion, or, maybe they don’t understand either — then you can always visit a local tailor and ask them to help you. Tailors work with clothing every day. They’ve had training in body shapes. Their advice is frequently the best in the fashion world, so if you have access to a tailor (e.g. if there’s one in your hometown), then take advantage of it.

A tailor will also be able to teach you about which dresses suit your body shape. Finally, once you’ve found a dress, they will be able to adjust it so that it’s uniquely flattering to your figure.

Make Good Use of Accessories

When it comes to evening dresses, so many people spend all their time trying to find the perfect dress, that they neglect the importance of accessories.

Accessories are there to enhance your look, and when chosen with care, can help you to look beautiful. Evening dos are formal events, so your accessories should be formal too — no Pat Butcher earrings!

Don’t over dress the accessories. You should have one statement piece, such as a beautiful necklace, and the rest — bracelets & earrings — should be understated.

The Length of the Dress

The length of the dress is determined by the height of the dress. If the dress is high-necked or the neck is only slightly curved, then the skirt should be high too. If the dress is low-cut, then the skirt must be lower too, finishing no higher than just below the knee.

If All Else Fails

If you become particularly stuck in your choice of evening dresses, then there is always the failsafe: The Little Black Dress (LBD). You can’t go wrong with an LBD. The only problem with them is that they can come across as safe or boring. To avoid this, maximise your accessories, ensuring that your signature piece stands out.

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