The Most Important Tips for Looking Good on the Red Carpet

So, you've been invited to a red carpet event? It’s time to make some choices and don your glad rags. Many people will find this daunting, and the fact that you've landed on this article tells us that you’re one such person. If you are, you will find the remainder of this article useful.

Below, we are going to look at the things that the stars do to make sure that they always look awesome when strutting their stuff on the red carpet. Whoever you are, you can look awesome too.

Tinker, TAILOR, Soldier, Spy

Forget about tinkers, soldiers, and spies, the red carpet is ALL about the tailor. If you don’t wear tailored clothes, you are going to be banished from the carpet entirely. OK, so they won’t actually be that mean, but they certainly won’t be impressed.

You don’t have to have your dress specially made, but if you have someone that can tuck you in and make adjustments to your red carpet dresses, that would be fandabidozi. If you don’t have someone that can do that for you, you can actually use a real tailor instead.

Be careful in your understanding of the word “tailored”. Some people seem to be under the impression that “tailored” clothes are simply clothes that are super, extra, tight. This is not the case. Tailored clothes are figure forming and figure hugging. They are NOT figure suffocating nor figure stuffing. If you’re bulging, it ain’t right!

If It’s Bulging Anyway, Wear a Corset

Sometimes we need a little bit more structure to an outfit, and to get it perfectly right on the red carpet, you need structure to your dress. There’ll be flashing lights from the paparazzi, bright lights from overhead, and everyone will have their eyes on you.

Given that, it’s important that you look at “held together” as possible. A corset is a great way of doing this — it will also help massively against that common red carpet faux pas: the dress going see-through under the scrutiny of the flashing paparazzi. We’ve all seen the bras and knickers under the sheer dresses: don’t let it be you.

The corset will make you look amazing as well. It hugs the figure in all the right places, and can help eliminate any bulge that you’d prefer to hide.

Remember: don’t make it too tight! You still need to be able to sit down.

Less is More

Red carpet dresses look better when they are classy, simple, and understated. Now is not the time to choose a wonderfully ornate dress. It is not the time to take risks or to think-outside-the-box. Now is the time to be sophisticated, upmarket, and attractive.

Stick to simple styles, cuts, and colours and you will look supremely elegant.

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