The Sequin Dress: Four Things You Need to Be Aware of When Wearing These Dresses

If there’s a style of dress that’s controversial, it’s the sequin dress. Some people believe that they have no place in fashion; some believe that they are the epitome of fashion, and others believe that they have their place when worn well.

Who’s correct? In our opinion, it’s the last subset that has it right. A sequin dress can look amazing, but only when worn in the correctly and in the right setting. The other subsets (i.e. “No sequins” and the “yes sequins” groups) are both correct in their own way, which is where the controversy arises.

Below, you will find things that you need to know about wearing sequin dresses. Once you understand these things, you will realise how the various opinions are formed and why ours is the correct one.

1. Know when to wear them.

Much of the controversy surrounding this style of dress is due to the places that people wear them. They are semi-formal dresses, rather than strictly formal (although there are exceptions). If you wear a sequin dress in a place that is too formal or two informal, then you will stand out, and not necessarily in a good way.

It’s important that you only wear such a dress for the right occasion. For example, it’s inappropriate to wear it to a wedding, because it can over power the bridal gown. Taking attention away from the bride is a terrible thing to do.

2. Understand that they are a statement piece.

It’s very important that you understand that the dress is the main piece of the outfit. It is the focal point and it does not need anything to compete with it. This means avoiding statement jewellery and shoes. The rest of your outfit should be the canvas upon which the dress is shown.

If you try to overplay your hand by choosing over-the-top, rather than understated, jewellery and shoes, you will create a caricature of yourself. It will be too much, and neither the dress nor the accessories will look good.

3. Realise that the best dresses have long skirts — And, pay attention to the sleeves.

Following closely from the above, you need to ensure that the dress itself is understated and demure. Showing off too much flesh is a big no-no and it creates the same caricature problem as over accessorising does.

A quick tip for sequin dresses is that they work best when the skirt is long and either there are no sleeves, or if there are sleeves, that it has an open back. These are the most sophisticated cuts, and a sequin dress requires sophistication in order to pull it off well.

4. Understand that different colours have different connotations.

Finally, you need to appreciate that the colour of the dress will carry different meanings. For example, coral and black sequins are relatively formal and somewhat classic looking. You can wear a coral sequined dress as a wedding gown — that’s how beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant they are.

Brighter colours, such as blues and reds, work better in a party theme. For example, they look great at the Oscars, or on the red carpet.

As you can appreciate wearing a sequin dress in a manner that’s sophisticated and classy is relatively hard to do, but as long as you understand the four points listed above, you will carry it off with grace and beauty.

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