Velvet for A Winter Outfit

If you need to buy a new dress for Christmas perhaps you would have a peek at velvet gowns. If you are of a certain age you may remember them well in the 1990s.

It is always difficult to pick the best styles out of the many Women’s Christmas Outfits that appear online or in the shops every autumn.

Velvet may seem a little like a curtain material, but it feels lovely on the skin and it will also keep you warm if the weather should be cold around the time of the yearly festivities.

If you turn your nose up at this seemingly old fashioned material, you need not worry as these outfits or dresses can be worn with a modern slant. Even these can be layered for an up to date look and when you have finished putting the final touches you will find that they do not look at all stuffy.

You can even wear them with ankle boots if your dress is long to complete the winter look. Whilst everyone around you is shivering in clothing not appropriate for the time of the year you will be snug as a bug in a rug. To top it all, this material has a really festive look.

If you make sure that you get your make-up right and make your lips a dramatic red you will definitely not come out of an ancient picture book.
If you are young and fancy free you could go for a crushed velvet mini affair which looks ultra- feminine. They look good if you top it with a nice leather jacket for a really modern look. It will keep you warm too.

Because velvet is a lush material, you will have to keep your jewellery very simple. This also goes for sequin dresses as there is already so much going on with the dress or outfit. Shoes need to be simple too to stop you from looking over-fussily dressed.

Just an idea that occurred to me, if you replace a necklace with a choker you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

For a selection of this year’s Women’s Christmas Outfits look no further than