Key Aspects of E-commerce Website Design - You Need to Know

It is always a great experience after having a new e-commerce website development with numbers of quality products categorized in different galleries. The expectations are high with no or very less idea about the competition level. Just after few weeks, you start feeling the shortage of visitors. In such a case, the common practice is to approach an SEO company for rank improvement. SEO is a necessity but you can’t succeed as per your own expectations without addressing the real problem. The major reason giving such a bitter experience despite investing high for e-commerce website development is imperfect web design. Therefore, you should know all the aspects of an e-commerce website that you essentially need to have.

The Appearance of E-Commerce Store Should Impress the Visitors:

Online shoppers are fast in switching over from one site to another; therefore, e-store design must have the power to make the visitors trust you. Buyers are smart; they want to know everything before proceeding to buy.

Logo: Your business logo is the business card for yourself, business and the products you sell. A decent logo instills the confidence to trust your e-store. It is a symbol reassuring the quality of products and services.

Deals, Freebies & Free Shipping: The small word ‘Free’ has great power to draw the attention of quick shoppers. It is a great online tool to compel the visitors to stay on the site and to explore the offers. More time spent on the e-store improves sales potential. The terms like ‘Latest Deals’ and ‘Slashed Prices’ have the power to turn the decision in favor; many people compromise with their ultimate choice just because of getting the amazingly low prices. The wish to get ‘more extra’ is never ending. The term ‘Free Shipping’ convinces the buyer to make the purchase. Alluring promises, unique prices, promotional offers, latest arrivals etc are the often neglected but the powerful elements of a successful e-commerce store.

News and Popular Products: Homepage of e-store is the best place to put the latest news about the products you are selling. Buyers always want to buy the latest or the most popular. The appearance of popular products at landing page engages the visitors to explore the products galleries. The highlighted news about the upcoming events or discounted sales compels them to revisit your e-store.

Brand products: Smart ecommerce Website Designers utilize the power of reputed brands to succeed in selling the products of less popular brands. The premium brands should always be placed on top to capture the attention of buyer as well as to impress them with your standards. The appearance of popular brands convinces about the quality of other products also.

The Search Box, Shopping Cart & Login Box: Numbers of Ecommerce Website Designers don’t create easy to locate search box. It is a must to have feature irrespective of the size of e-commerce store. Shopping cart button helps the buyer to check the selected products and to precise shopping in the least time. The login box is designed to facilitate the buyers to check their previous and current deals.

Therefore, ecommerce web development is no more a task of designing a CMS supported colorful website stuffed with media; it needs a smart approach to creating competitive e-store.