We must always remember we are not invincible

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It is truly amazing what humanity has achieved. We have been to the moon. We have sequenced the human genome. We can even design babies. In my field of critical care medicine, diseases that uniformly killed not that long ago are now survivable. It doesn’t mean that we should do all that we can do, and it is amazing all the while.

Indeed, all of this advancement is from God:

Thy Lord is most noble, Who taught by the Pen, taught humanity that which it knew not.

And all of this amazing advancement has made us arrogant. We have arrogated to ourselves omnipotence, omniscience, and total independence of anyone or anything. …


God, Faith, and a Pen

Reflections on Faith by Hesham A. Hassaballa. Books: “Beliefnet Guide to Islam” and “Noble Brother,” the Prophet Muhammad’s story entirely in poetry.

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