House Republican pushes cuts for food stamps to pay for Trump’s border wall
Aaron Rupar

A sizeable percentage of Trumpty’s troglodytes that I personally know are crystal meth users. The boxcars full of cash ‘murican tweekers send to Mexico every year is utterly impressive. With the huge amount of dispensable cash that Trumptards have for their crystallized schizophrenia (DEA estimates are staggering, like embarrassing) there should be no problem funding the WALL. Trumpty Dumpty and his deplorables all want Mexicans out, except one. Their favorite meth dealer. He or she can stay. So yes, the wall can be funded, and an 8 inch hole can be allowed every quarter mile for shaking hands.

PS: This is tagged with a POETRY thing. I have not a clue how this comment was determined to be classified this way. I certainly had no part in it nor do I know how to do it. I was just making a comment after hitting the button. Thank you, CCF

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