Staking is a means of locking token with the smart contract to earn reward from transactions, holding token for specific time. With Rizen, staking is on-chain and fully decentralized as no control over rewards distribution from 1% fee of every transaction within the network.

Benefit of staking with Rizen
The first and foremost is that, stakers get passive rewards for lifetime.That rewards comes from every transaction, buy/sell. There is 1% tax for every transactions which goes to stakers instantly. More transactions increase the potential for stakers to get more rewards.

How it works
It’s very simple. Smart contract take 1% fee…

TAUT - Shut Down its Giveaways

TAUT is a blockchain ecosystem built from the scratch with its new consensus protocol - Proof of transaction (PoT). TAUT’s PoT is a new blockchain consensus protocol to solve the flaws by PoW and PoS, that’s is a pure PC blockchain Coin with no hardware and staking power required, hence providing environmentally friendly ecosystem which is fair and secure, giving all users with low entry barrier, either old or new crypto players.

About TAUT Coin
The name TAUT comes from "TAU Testnet". TAU (True Asset Unit) is the crypto coin which proposed the new consensus…

TAUcoin: Mobile Miner’s guide

TAU Wallet Download
First and the foremost, download TAUcoin’s mobile mining wallet (software) from google play store or an APK file from TAUcoin’s website. At the time of writing, only devices with Android OS v4.4+ are supported, hence Android device users have advantage to verify global block transactions mobily, in permission less and pervasively.

Launch Your TAUcoin’s Mobile Mining Wallet
Upon a successful installation of the mining wallet in your Android device, launch it. And enjoy all the features from home with cool UI, several features and buttons can clearly be viewed.

Block Data Sync In…

TAUcoin: Q1 2019 Overview

“Approaching the perfect and sound currency” this is the bold statement made by TAU foundation at the very first days of 2019, in the mission of being one, the only and most decentralized currency, TAU dev team have become the most transparent as that.

New year, new brand: TAUcoin foundation with their community, started the journey from August 2018 with TAU being “The Active Unit”, as the 2019 new year stated, the name was to be rebranded from The Active Unit to TAU — ”True Asset Unit” which is perfectly amazing and it does suit the…

TAUcoin Mobile Wallet Owner: A Fully Decentralized Bank Manager

Since long ago, humans are learning various means of securing their items/properties. For example, people can decide to secure their homes, offices, lands, cars and most of their systems to ensure their fully ownership and access. Let’s today have a look at Blockchain technology and especially how are the related projects help their users in securing their crypto assets, much more we’ll have a look at TAUcoin, a self funded project which didn’t run any ICO and have no plan for that aiming at long term distribution of coins to users…

Applying for 2019 TAUT Presidential Election: A Purpose Driven

For the past three years to play as cryptocurrency market consultant, trader and investor, I gained more experience in both crypto space and blockchain technology at large. Striving to improve and widen my knowledge in that direction.

Professionally, I hold bachelor’s degree in Science with Education (majoring in Chemistry & Biology) from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro — Tanzania since 2015. …

TAUcoin: The World’s Grand Gift.

Throughout 10 years of Blockchain technology, Bitcoin took the lead in the crypto market. After the birth of Bitcoin 2009 as the first application of Blockchain with its POW consensus protocol, many projects have emerged in trying to leverage the Blockchain. While witnessing the emergency of those crypto projects, still many failed while on the journey due to several reasons, but the main and key reason is having many focuses instead of focussing their attention on only one and a core problem to solve.

While some crypto projects dies with no clear use cases, we…

TAUcoin: How It All Began

Despite the bear market which prevailed in the crypto space since early 2018 and even at the time of writing, we also experienced lots of development activities from various crypto related projects to make sure they continue to be into existence. New technologies were also apparently developed based from smart contract to some having developed their own Blockchain, showing a sign of prevalence of Blockchain technology in the globe with the aim to capture mass adoption.

TAU (True Asset Unit) as a new crypto asset project, running on its own and a newly Proof-of-transaction (POT)…


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not state or reflect those of the TAU company and its management. However, under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall author be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials on this article. Views and opinions mentioned in this article may not be suitable for you and you should make your own independent decision regarding them. This material does not take into account of your…

TAUcoin: SARAFU YAKO, Sehemu ya 3

Karibu tena leo tunapoendelea kufuatilia kwa makini makala hizi zinazotupa mwangaza wa tekinolojia hii mpya ya sarafu za kidijitali/kielekroniki. Makala iliyopita (sehemu ya 2) tulijifunza ni kwa namna gani mtu anaweza zipata sarafu hizi za TAU, namna ya kuhifadhi pia kutunza kumbukumbu muhimu. Leo nasisitiza tena, kama umekusudia kuwa na TAUcoins au sarafu yoyote ile ya kidigitali, tunza private keys (funguo binafsi) zako mahala pa faragha ambapo wewe mwenyewe (au mwana familia mwingine anayeaminika) ndio mwenye uwezo wa kuzifikia ama kuzipata kwa haraka endapo zitahitajika.

Leo tena tutaangazia mambo machache ikiwemo: umuhimu wa kutunza…

Godfrey Banzi


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