Reducing Food Waste through Open Innovation
Matthew Ridenour

Thank you very Matthew for such a great work which calls concerned people along food waste together.

Yes, in order to reach a Zero Waste in food waste, we need strategies which are impactful and leads to ways to improve solutions.

The next things we would need to do more are around two areas,

1- to train consumers and all other stakeholders around the food waste more and more. This, we have tested and it worked well, because food waste does not only causes hunger to humans but ,

2- damage the environment too, and we are working on both.

As an organisation, how we are tackling ending food waste, will depend entirely on funding.

We are seeking funding for which can support either training consumers on food waste and composting or re-purposing food waste into organic fertilizers and animal feeds

We can use both approaches at once or take them one by one, still it will lead to great impact on the food waste..

.We will be building on mounting this global momentum to create a sustainable, engaged network with other innovators in designing food waste solutions together aiming at zero waste systems.

Have a great time,


Godfrey Obua


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