How to get your lazy ass to exercise
Nischal Shetty

Agree — money isn’t a very good motivator. I paid full year membership plans for Gold’s Gym (twice) and didn’t make it beyond 3 months max.

Sharing something that worked with me.
Last year, when I was in Mumbai, I wanted to keep a healthy regime but ofcourse, time and job and all of that. Thanks to my colleagues, the IITB guys had an entry pass to the gymkhana where they played squash.

Sports is something that interests me (not watching though); so, I tagged along and played squash for 3 months. Didn’t need any motivation, didn’t need any mental prep or very sophisticated gear.

I still find it very hard to go to the gym and run for 30 minutes but won’t think twice if I get a partner to squash or TT for an hour or more. For some, I think a social sport is the right fit.

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